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Until recently, I was buying my challah from a parent of one of Ella’s classmates. Not only are her challot delicious and inexpensive, but she delivered. For free. Not surprisingly, the little business grew and grew. Unlike the pushcart to department store stories of my ancestors, in this case she decided the businesses was too big, and shut down altogether. So, at least for today, I’m back to baking my own. When I go back to work in the Fall, or when the weather goes back to normal? Not so much.

Here’s a link to my favorite challah recipe, from the inestimable Smitten Kitchen. I typically halve the recipe, and still have enough dough to make two loaves (I don’t do the fancy 6-strand braid. Way too ungepatchke for me.) This week I’m trying it with half white, half white-wheat flour. I added a pinch of extra yeast to counter the  heft of the whole grain flour. There are heaps of other great recipes to discover there as well.
And while I’m mentioning favorite websites, check out  Tablet, the great new online Jewish magazine, if you haven’t already. It’s truly riveting in a way that I didn’t think online media could be. (Does that makes sense?)
And lastly, a truly riveting anecdote. I picked Ella, my almost-6 year old from camp today, which runs from 9-2:30. Today was the fifth (and final) day and she still didn’t know where the bathroom was
Shabbat Shalom and Happy Fourth of July!
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