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written for The PJ Library August e-newsletter One of the challenges of parenting is getting to know our children as individuals, and giving them what they really need, as opposed to what we think they need, or what their friends …Read More

We’re off to the beach. Don’t expect to hear much from me until August.

what to make when life doesn't even give you lemons Like many parents, I overthink a lot of decisions, and worry about things that probably don’t matter a whole lot in the final analysis. Can I buy the cheap No-Ad …Read More

Perhaps the best part of my visit to Camp Ramah last week was getting to meet Fran Manushkin and scoring a review copy of The Tushy Book. To say may daughters love this book would be a profound understatement.To paraphrase …Read More

When my daughters were babies, I really knew how to sleep them.  I put them to bed early (and I do mean early) and on a consistent schedule. They slept for 12 (or more!) uninterrupted hours, and napped regularly. I …Read More

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the last two days (without my kids!) at Camp Ramah of New England with a group of authors. The trip was organized by the PJ Library, with the goal of inspiring us to …Read More

taken by our nifty oven-cam Until recently, I was buying my challah from a parent of one of Ella’s classmates. Not only are her challot delicious and inexpensive, but she delivered. For free. Not surprisingly, the little business grew and …Read More

Yesterday they were giving out samples of crackers with goat cheese and apple at Trader Joe’s. After Zoe, my four year old, took a bite I asked her if she would like me to buy her some goat cheese. She …Read More