June 2009 Archives

At the end of August, I’ll be going back to work full time for the first time since Ella was born, six years ago. It was too good of an offer to refuse – I’ll be teaching at the day […]

  you never see these I tutor seven or eight kids a year for their bar mitzvah ceremonies, and consequently I attend a lot of parties. In fact, it’s become my husband’s and my main source of dates, since both […]

  don't we look cool? Here are the girls and I heading off to buy some challah on our brand new Xtracycle. I recently accepted a full time job for next year, and decided to splurge on something that I’d […]

written for the July PJ Library e-newsletter My husband and I had many arguments  long discussions about what we would name our children. He wanted French names, all of which evoked the Apostles, and I wanted Hebrew names, which seemed […]

I grew up in a home that was not shabbat observant. While we sometimes went to synagogue, we also went shopping, to the movies, and to Memorial Stadium. As a participant in NCSY, I had an idea of what it […]

  the calm before the storm It’s 6:30, an hour after we usually start shabbat dinner during the school year, no matter what time the sun sets. But this is the first friday of vacation. My husband stopped for a […]

Although I was a vegetarian for over 25 years, I sure do love chicken. We keep kosher in a town where there is no kosher butcher, and sometimes the only Empire available is a whole chicken, which is great for […]

  i went to college w/the director Overheard:   Zoe, my 4 year old: “What’s the last day?” Ella, almost 6: “Do you meant the last day of school?” Zoe: “No, the last day.” Ella: “Do you mean the last […]

No, this is not a recipe post. This is about one of my favorite ways to spend Friday night – at a potluck. I’ve organized a few family potlucks for my shul, and every time I do, I wish we […]

I recently joined the education committee at my synagogue. The board and the professional staff have all voiced a commitment to, and a glaringly obvious need for, some major revitalization of the way we “do” education. However, I’m not sure […]