Whatever the depth of suffering we are currently afflicted with, many of us, if we examine our lives deeply are not really suffering that much beyond fear. And that may feel extraordinarily real.

If you are undergoing extreme stress, anxiety or feelings of worthlessness, feel free to contact me. I cannot answer all messages personally, yet I do check my messages, so I will do my best to respond.

This virus is a reminder that we are not alone. We may feel in the dark, yet love is here to illuminate even the loneliest of souls. The world is a connected place and our consciousness is intertwined. Here is an opportunity to connect with each other, to connect to oneself, to embark on a new path personally and collectively.

We can view each crisis through new eyes, to see the opportunities even in the most difficult times. Not every cloud has a silver lining, and sometimes we must accept too, that this life is ephemeral, and all things pass away. If nothing more, we can always find wisdom and learn from each new experience.

I imagine for many people, it is a very uncertain and difficult time right now. Perhaps chaotic. Perhaps you even know someone personally who has lost their life? I am not here to minimise or downplay suffering and the understandable sense of loss that engenders. Please take every precaution to stay safe, wash your hands and if possible avoid contact with other carriers of the virus.

This time is a reminder of our opportunity to be of service – to help others in need.

Humans have an inherent yearning to be acknowledged and valued. This is different from merely satisfying the ego. We want to be of service to others innately – to inspire and elevate those around us and the world at large.

We know at a deep level, we are here for more than just the surface level, yet pleasures are still here to be embraced and enjoyed. The evolution of humanity and our planetary consciousness is essential. We are here for all multiple purposes – our planet is changing and we are changing. Whatever happens, is part of the cycle of life. Leaves fall and become compost for new growth and new formations.

New life comes from the seeds of fruiting life. Seeds grow into full expressions in time. Where are you on this path? Where is your cycle?

The feminine cycle reminds us of the changing nature of our world. Our lives will always show is cycles whether we are aware of then or not. sometimes losing everything can be the best possible thing as we get to let go of all the masks and things not serving our Higher Self, and start a new upgraded life reflecting integrity, self-care and self-love.

It may be shattering for the ego to lose, yet for the soul, it is growth. Soon we will stand tall again.

The shadows in our psyche are seeking the light like a moth to a flame. They plead for recognition and awareness. If we reject them, we only move ourselves further away from the truth of whom we are. We cannot bring ourselves closer to enlightenment by denying that which we are.

Like a child, sculpt a castle out of sand, and let that little child in, let it dance, let it cuddle and hug you close. Let it accept those parts of you that you reject. Let it shine a torch on the disparate you, the vanquished, the forlorn aspects.

Let him/her be with you and say “I am with you little one.” I am with you. Be with this little one and hold him/her closely to your chest.

A journey of self-awareness is gazing into the reflection of the purest water, and finding what you see looking back at you. The seeker seeks you.

“You’ll know when you surrender because it’s not hard any more.” ~ Ted Dekker


Travel light,

Questions for contemplation:

  • How willing are you to accept things as they are, rather than holding on to how you wish them to be?
  • At a deep level, consider how okay you are with uncertainty and the unpredictable nature of life.
  • What is your immediate feeling-response to change?
  • Can you recall other events in your life that caused great stress or upheaval, how you dealt with them, and what lessons and wisdom you can bring forward to this current time?

Be the love you wish to see in the world – David Star’lyte

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