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What do you see within the temple of the soul? Devotion to the spiritual path? Forgiveness? Unconditional love? Service and charity? Bliss? A deep knowingness?

When you look into this artwork, what feelings arise within you?

When you look above you at a cloud, what do you see?

What if the clouds were communicating directly to you? Or other parts of nature were conscious. Have you ever experienced something strange and otherworldly in the wild? Animal messengers perhaps?

Well, I believe the universe is alive and does communicate to us. It goes both ways. We tend to believe we are only receiving input yet we are also transmitting data. Imagining looking at yourself from the distance of a conscious observer and then being able to see – the observed and the observer consciously aware at the same time – observing and being aware. That’s the experience of multi-dimensionality we are moving towards. I’m sure you’ve had some similar experiences and can relate this to your relationships with people too.

My art-work is designed as a portal between this world and the ethereal world. It is presented as a gateway and an invitation to feel and experience a deeper aspect of consciousness that evolves the human spirit. Join with me on this journey.

I am working on the energy signature of alignment and authenticity, powerful concepts in personal change and impact. When you meditate on this artwork, focus on your internal alignment and the external alignment will come. Less about the words you say, more about how you’re being and how you’re feeling about yourself (embodiment).

The internal experience I have written about frequently, as often in modern times, we are so focused on external stimuli like technology and consumerism (our phones, cars, computers and the achievement of external goals). Yet whatever we experience on the outside is always an “inside job” – it actually occurs within the consciousness of our minds. Whatever we see, hear, feel, taste, touch or smell is actually occurring as a hard to place collection of stimuli within the brain cortex (via neuronal electrochemical signalling). One could really summarise all experiences as an illusion from a consciousness arising from within.

Always be light,


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Featured Image: original art by the author via: David Star’lyte Spiritual Art

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