meteorite-1060886_960_720As human vessels for Divine light, we are constantly inundated with information and wisdom that comes directly via our primary light-source, the sun. Revolutionaries have known the power of this for aeons.

It is the light of the sun that feeds our pineal gland – that harmonises with creative intelligence.

Yet, we are often disconnected from our inner light. The split happens between our adult self and our child self (that person who was closer to our origin). The sadness we often feel throughout our lifetime is this disconnection with our inner child who was wild and free (until being suppressed by our parents and society). The inner child is our inner sun. The more lost it is, the more hidden – the more neglected, the more suppressed.

The inner child is always yearning for freedom – always asking us for love and attention, for unconditional acceptance. If we can liberate our inner child, we will liberate our inner light, and allow it to shine upon the world.

Ravaged by conditioning (media and entertainment seem to be the primary transgressors), our inner light is shaded by these monoliths of escapism.

The simplicity we all seek is really only found in the “real world” (the one that lives if you remove all humans from the planet). Beyond the materialistic and consumeristic desires of our ego-driven economy, lie the simple truths. These are found within the ancient traditions. Ancient cultures were more connected to empiricism, base elements, the base foundations and structures of life on Earth. The classical elements created systems that described the basic energies of life. The Chinese Wu Xing system listed fire, wood, earth, metal and water as transformations of energy. These ancient philosophies had a cosmology that rooted them to these moving energies.

In Ayurveda, the panache mahabhuta, the five basic elements are 1. earth (bhūmi), 2. water (ap or jala), 3. fire(tejas or agni), 4. air or wind (vayu or pavan) and 5. space or zero (vyom or shunya), also known as the ether or void (akash).

I am curious how we as a society have removed ourselves from the Earth, have created a polemic of darkness and fear around nature, and structured human beings as above other creatures in the “food chain. We happily take on slaves of monoculture to serve our nefarious agendas. The primary global philosophy is growth. Not growth in kindness. Not growth in happiness. Not growth in humanity. It’s growth in the economy. That’s a very terse summary I would give to an alien arriving on this planet. We live in such a complex world, that one cannot live safely in one-dimensionalism.

Within plurality, I like to simplify.

Where is the “human” in humanity? Where is the “I” in human being?

Why did we forget who we are?

Custodians of this Divine planet of beings. Humans who care and love their world, create wondrous communities. There is no collective need to pollute destructively and without limits. Unencumbered by compassion, responsibility, care, kindness, wisdom, and without any long term goal or vision, we have ravaged the Earth, rapaciously taking from her every last ounce of her nutrients. Her heart is wounded not because of our endless hunger (greed), but because of her unfeeling plunder. If we act with love and kindness, that is the result. If we slaughter with love and compassion, we will live that way too.

I know it’s easy to disconnect from our humanity. As greed and confusion is so pervasive, and the economic parameters of society create a kind of collective sleep. We are all anaesthetised by media images, and the stories that are told to us.

It’s time to remember our inner light. It’s time to remember the basic forces of our cosmology that make up our world, appreciate and honour them – sun (fire), wind, rain (water), earth as well as wood and metal.

Go outside. Spend time on the Earth barefoot. Picnic under the shade of a tree. Feel the rays of the splendid sun on your skin. Enjoy the simple things innate to our nature that make life what it is on this planet. She is the ground of our world (nature is the fabric from which we live, dream, create). Honour her, love her, cherish her. And she will return that to you a thousandfold.

It’s time to take back our power – not our power to destroy – our power to remember who we are – and be who we are – kind and compassionate. To love our Mother earth, not just because she is our mother and loves us unconditionally, but because it is who we are. We are from love and of love.

You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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