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Rumi teaches that we don’t need to look on the outside – we can take ownership of our world – we can decide to create a fertile soil and to plant beautiful seeds so that they may grow –“This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”– Rumi

This vision of seeing the world within is important. We can shape our reality with this. It is not that the sky will become green to another person. It is simply that out sky will be blue. And that’s all that’s important within our world. If we won’t accept negativity in our sky, then no negativity will exist in that reality. It is ours to choose. Essentially we are able to imprint our intent onto the universe. We are also able to live as Rumi wrote, “as though everything is rigged in your favor.”How liberated a perspective.

Life contains inevitable challenges, difficulties along the path. Sometimes signposts, gateways, portals, awakenings, stepping stones. It is true to say that every fork in the road, contains new opportunities for learning and growth. So the more forks you hit, the more you are being gifted opportunities for learning. Yet each fork in the road, is difficult – it may feel painful, daunting, stressful, draining and more.

It is not easy to hit tension, to hit up against a wall.

How do we navigate through the points of tension, how do we learn as spiritual beings, how do we awaken?

These are some of the questions one has.

Essentially it always starts with –

Who am I?

Some of the keys to growing in a human incarnation are listed below. There are so many (the number is infinite in some sense), yet I’ve picked six of the most important:

  • Letting Go
  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Unconditional Love
  • Non-attachment
  • Gratitude


If we have let go of wanting to be something, then we will naturally have arrived at peace.

“True happiness is based on peace.”– Thích Nhất Hạnh

I wish you this boundless peace where you sit under a waterfall and arising from within you is a wondrous and infinite light that keeps flowing, keeps giving, keeps expanding for all the days of your lifetime.

Love and peace,

You are a creation of God.
This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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