Healing and Transformation is upon us. How was the holiday season? Did you make it through unscathed?

These times can be confronting. We may even feel we’ve dropped into the depths of darkness or the void of despair.

When you’re inside that black hole and the darkness is all you can see and feel, it’s difficult to imagine there may be hope.

There is hope. Please hang in there.

Take time out, be patient, and seek help wherever you can find it. Suffering alone makes the whole experience of despair deeper. There is help available, and there are those who do understand.

The light at the end of the tunnel is no illusion; the tunnel is. The tunnel is the illusion of separation, the illusion of being alone, the illusion of being lost.

“We are all on the same path… Our separation from each other is an illusion of consciousness.” ~ Albert Einstein

Life is an imperfect experience, a journey that, for everyone, contains light and dark aspects. Suffering is part of growth. Goethe said, “the point of life is life.”

Why stay positive?

Why keep the faith?

There is a helpful Proverb that leads the way into the light, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.

The way shower is that when we doubt the most, when the journey gets the hardest, that’s when we learn the most. That’s where our breakthroughs lie – on the other side of our comfort zone. Don’t give up now!

You’ve come way too far!


You are a creation of God.

This is why you really are good enough.
You are awesome as you are, and I love you!
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David Starlyte (ND) – Australia’s Leading Soul-Coach, Speaker and Ascension-Guide.

My guidance is channeled from Spirit, channeled from the STARS. I’m a gateway, or portal to soul enlightenment (basically self-knowledge). Find out more about me:

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