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TV blaring the “false” news from across the globe, social media screaming out events of friends and workmates, text messages bubbling over and missed calls on mobile phones…to the sounds of thunderous traffic outside, engines blurring, honking – where is the peace?

Is this life – how is it supposed to be?

Who are “we” really in the midst of this cacophony of distractions?

Traditionally narcissists, particularly of the male variety have been rewarded consistently for their hard-nosed bullying, abuse (often sexual), control, and fear-based suppression of others. This control and domination is starting to break down as seen by a series of revelations coming out of the planet’s entertainment hub that is Hollywood.

The counter to this is transparency, fairness, justice, equality, and mostly kindness and compassion.

Those politically or physically weaker (traditionally women and children) and those of a different race group to the white European elite, are starting to speak up and demand that their voices are heard. Justice is the liberation of all of our hearts.

When one person suffers, we all carry that burden as a collective. The collective unconsciousness of the world is saying “enough is enough.”

Animals and nature too are also crying out to be heard. Will we hear their suffering and learn from their wisdom?

The domination of nature and its animal souls is merely a continuation of the suppression of those other than the power-brokers and mostly male elite class.

Yet, we are all involved in this injustice.

Beyond the noise…

Inside each person’s life is a personal bubble. It can be highly developed, differentiated and with (hopefully) strong and clear boundaries. Now for the purposes of a visualisation, turn off any digital devices, (phone, radio, television+) and imagine…

You are sitting, or lying down in your regular personal space. With your mind, take yourself one step back and visualise the building, house or dwelling you’re in, surrounded by your village, town, or city.

And then take another step further away into the distance until you can make out your country, and even further away, continent. If you keep going beyond, you will be see the whole beautiful planet Earth, splendid continents surrounded by oceans and the polar ice-caps at the top and bottom. This is your home. Rest and abide in stillness, in compassion, in understanding of the vastness and complexity of all existence and how magically inter-woven it all is.

Now come back to your immediate surroundings, contracting from greater to smaller as you contain yourself more and more into a single element (personhood). Welcome back!

To make sense of the world, creating a personal space bubble that is elegant, clean, peaceful, harmonious and cheerful is essential.

The drama in the world represents merely growing pains on a collective level. Whether the suffering may seem overwhelming, it is all a symphony that is bringing us closer to awareness. It is not to condone violence and inhumanity to each other and cruelty to animals and plant-life, it is just to rise above the drama and see things from a higher perspective.

We are all connected to the Oneness that is life. We are not separate although it seems we are. The whole is deeper than the ocean, more endless than the sky. Peace is in the harmony, and in the infinite nature of the whole, the perfect composition of different elements.

When in doubt, remember to sing the song of the butterfly for “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” (Maya Angelou)

If that seems utopian or dreamy, simplify. A butterfly has to struggle to emerge from being a chrysalis. The struggle builds strength in its wings. Once it can break through its cocoon, its magical wings will allow it to fly. If the chrysalis is unable to break through the casing on its own, it will shrivel and die. This is what is happening now on an individual and planetary level.

We are awakening. All of what is happening has innate lessons and is unfolding in just the right way to show us something – to help us to learn, to see things for how they are – to understand.

Consciousness is rising. Gradually, people are becoming increasingly aware of the confusion, paradoxes, corruption and deception inherent within the system. The hierarchy that is based on a pyramid of power is becoming more tenuous as those in the elite are having their reputations called into question. The greater the transparency in all spheres of life, the more we can understand, act with wisdom and compassion, and create better solutions for all of humanity.

Our Source is pure spirit, free, eternal, peaceful, blissful, and inherently creative. Remember what is was to be birthed into the world, an innocent child awakened to limitless possibilities, creation and the joy of being a child of God.

The rest is separation.

All our challenges come down to the false perception that we are separate from Source, that we are somehow “not enough,” “less than,” “incomplete,” “not worthy,” “not good enough.”

We are not separate from Source. Look within to see. Marcus Aurelius called the inner world a “fountain of good.”

The musician Alanis Morissette writes:

“the truth of who we are is innate goodness, and the whole journey is really about removing any obstacle or false belief that keeps us from knowing that.”

In consciousness, we are whole and complete. Keep honing this awareness, and coming back to its purity and simplicity. As a wellspring of nourishment, it is this goodness that sustains us.

What is important to innate goodness? What would innate goodness do now? Simplify.

Goodness, keep, shining your inner light – whatever the external storms.

With sincere wishes and blessings of goodness for all beings.


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