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Animals (including the human being) have two guiding polarities and co-creating energies called masculine and feminine. These energies are unfolded within each being. In the external world, they fuse and synthesise in the sexual union between male and female, as well as in sexual unions between any grouping of people (notably including gay and lesbian).

The physical world is a manifestation of the inner world.

Masculine energy is active, outward, demonstrative, strong and characterised by being a ‘protector’ of the weak. A healthy masculine has a warrior spirit brought out when appropriate, whereas an unhealthy masculine is a self-serving aggressor. According to Ronna Herman, spiritually the masculine “is divine will, power, and purpose-mental and outward focused attributes of the Creator.”  

Feminine energy is receptive, inward, nurturing and characterised by being intuitive. Her compassionate nature serves others before herself. An unhealthy feminine is weak and insipid. Edith Stein (St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross) wrote, “Woman naturally seeks to embrace that which is living, personal, and whole. To cherish, guard, protect, nourish and advance growth is her natural, maternal yearning.” Stein believed that a “woman’s soul is more intensely present and lives in all parts of the body.”

The Divine Sexual Union brings these two forces of masculine and feminine together. It is crucially both a physical, emotional and spiritual force of creation. The sexual energy unlocks a powerful and explosive force that remembers the force of our creation.

Our energy bodies wish to dance in emptiness. Our physical bodies yearn for communion with the Great Earth Spirit, the cosmic force called “Oneness.” Oneness is a unified force of awareness, where masculine and feminine creative forces collide, connect, flow into each other, and start the dance of love called sex.

This suppressed force still has great power as even though society keeps trying to control it and pervert it, it is still our link to our primal origin. We all come from the union of masculine (father) and feminine (mother). We cannot escape this, even if we are created via IVF (In vitro fertilisation). Our origin is within the divine feminine womb. Our earthly mother, through the force of life, nurtures us into existence. And then we become creatures of Earth, in the endless cycle of moving spirit and life cycles. We are born in innocence, and our yearning always to go back to the Great Earth Mother Spirit, the womb-space that kept us safe.

There is this grand unifying force in sexuality that binds us to another human oasis.

How do you use your sexual energy? What does it mean to your life?

What could be more sacred than allowing your soul to melt into the arms of another soul?


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