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Question submitted via email:

Hi David
I”m really enjoying your posts and look forward to receiving them every week!

I really hope you will have time to reply to me. I very much appreciate your time.

I wanted to find a solution for the jealousy and anger I feel inside – it’s killing me on a daily basis, just eating me up! Please tell me what to do. I really wish to clear these feelings from inside me.

Thank you again for your time! Will you help me?!!


A: Hi brother

I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog. It’s about Healing and Transformation, so your question is entirely appropriate.

I did consider what you’re going through and think you are having a ‘spiritual awakening’ – it is a good thing! It’s grand to be questioning how things are, and how they got there! I love the way you are feeling your feelings, and wondering why there are there. They are there for a reason – and trust me, you will find that reason.

Jealousy and anger are unstable emotions. Jealousy occurs naturally, and is a product of undeveloped thinking. If one watches kids play, one will see that jealousy is common. With maturation, usually the focus of concentration becomes developing one’s higher self, and the achievement of goals. There are always others around with more money, better skin, younger, harder-working, better family, more advantages, (the list is endless) … yet it is our unique ability to shine that sets us apart. Our unique talent and ability is innate – it comes from our soul. We all have a unique destination, a unique journey, and our talents are unique. There is nobody else on the planet quite like you!!!

With a change in perception, and a shift in focus from seeing the “good things others have” over you, to appreciating the beauty in others, you will find that you no longer need to feel jealous. Coming from love, will mean, you’re able to love others and that is unconditional.

Jealousy is also a lack of love and appreciation for the self and for God, what I would consider, an undeveloped sense of self and one’s place in the world. Focus on yourself, rather than on other people. You probably don’t want what they have – it’s an illusion!

For instance, the people who drive the nicest cars could be the most miserable (and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with driving a nice car) – you just don’t know their challenges or their pain, or even how they got where they are today. Perhaps they had to climb over corpses or work through the night? Do you know you really want what they have?

If so, are you willing to do what they did to achieve whatever they have achieved?

Think of a sprinter winning a gold medal at the Olympics, a remarkable feat of speed and agility. It seems very impressive and surely an object of jealousy. Now, consider the years of sacrifice and endless sweat, blood and tears that went into this achievement. Do you have the guts for that? If you just look at the end result, you miss the big picture.

If they have achieved their dream, good luck to them. It takes nothing away from you to see another achieve. Embrace their success and enjoy it as if it were yours. (Then imagine how much more pleasure you can get!) Let others be a source of pleasure and inspiration.

Don’t focus on what you think another person has. If you knew what they were really going through, perhaps you would feel sympathetic/ compassion for them. Perhaps you would realize how crazy it is to want what another has. Rather focus on wanting what you have. And creating what it is you really want.

We are also all a human family. So, like a father might get pleasure from his son’s glory, may you also derive pleasure from the achievements of others.

Do things you enjoy, and develop your spiritual side. Your light comes from God.

Anger is natural and is important for our survival, in balance.

The anger you experience, needs to be directed in a positive way. I suggest physical sport like boxing and running or wrestling. It will release this from your body.

It would help for you to look within and find out what is calling you anger/ frustration and then release this in a positive way. Find a private place where you can SHOUT and SCREAM whatever you feel. Or get your own boxing equipment and LET THE ANGER OUT.

It often comes from childhood, at how we were treated or mistreated by family/ school/ etc.

Always go to the SOURCE. If you keep searching, you will discover so much about where the anger comes from, and how it is triggered. Then you’ll be able to find healthy ways to release it.

I hope this helps.

Love and light,



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