Healing and Transformation

Everything you’ve ever done prepared you for this moment. To be reading this right now is no accident. It happened for a reason, for a purpose, perhaps difficult to conceive of right now. Destiny is calling!


Nothing happened by accident. You are whom you are for a reason. You’re here for a purpose….and you are definitely never alone…

Everything happened with the purpose of bringing you here. To go to the next target may require patience, and certainly there will be challenges.

Analogy: Think of an archer firing an arrow towards a target.

First, the archer needs to pull it backwards. Before he can launch it forwards, it needs to go back.

Same with life.

Consider when you are feeling encumbered by difficulties that seem to never end.

That means you are about to be sent forward again with interest. The stratosphere of achievement does not happen instantaneously. One is pulled back. Some have to fight enormous odds to achieve success.

Only by having perspective and focus, can one understand the journey.

Focus yourself, keep your intent pure, and maintain your energy. Keep believing, hoping and practicing.

Success is only around the corner.

Now, take aim…

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