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forgiveness II


Loving Kindness and Forgiveness are the keys to freedom.

When something is off balance in our life, it is often a signal forgiveness is needed in some form.

Sometimes that forgiveness is for another person, sometimes it is for our self.  Give yourself and others a little grace.  We are all human/spiritual beings, we make mistakes and do some of the strangest things.

To forgive means to let go, it does not mean to condone someone’s words or actions.  When we hold a grudge or judge another person, we stick ourselves to that energy, pattern and vibration.  The only way to peace and freedom is to let go and forgive.

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

Life presents us with ample opportunities to learn and practice true forgiveness.  Look for appropriate situations and follow your heart.  After all, how can we treat others better than we treat ourselves?

Give yourself a few minutes in a quiet, peaceful place to breath and let it all go.  Ask your heart, your higher self if there is anyone or any situation to forgive in your life.  See what shows up.

In the end, love is the answer.
Love is all there is.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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