positive life II

Are you open and receptive to the unlimited health, goodness and abundance of life?
Are you wide eyed and optimistic about the good that is coming to you?
Do you expect wonderful things to happen to you and have an attitude of gratitude?

Our Divine Heritage is to be healthy, joyous and prosperous.  Life is our playground.  We make our lives heaven or hell by our thoughts, beliefs, values, words and actions. 

Ultimately, we are here to actualize our full, creative potential.  In other words, to be enlightened, Spiritual Beings and live from our heart and intuition.  Everything we need is already within us.  We have to sincerely want to know and look inside.  This usually includes prayer, meditation, yoga, connecting with nature, etc.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks inside awakens!”
Carl Jung

Make sure you go for your truth and do not settle.  Live in a healthy, harmonious environment at home and at work.  Spend time in nature.  Surround yourself with positive, awake people who encourage you to  grow and prosper unselfishly. 

Find your passion and follow it.  Express your full, creative potential and contribute to others.  Be around wonderful, caring, supportive people who follow proper principles and are examples of enlightened living.

Discover and live your divine purpose and truth.  Be kind, gentle and compassionate and meet others halfway.  Stay true to yourself no matter what people say or do around you.

No matter what the circumstances – shine your light brightly and be a light to this world!

Life opens up when you do!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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