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From my good friend, James:

“The story is told about a man who was walking along a city street when a flower pot fell off a sill above him and crashed at his feet, missing him by inches.

There are four paths of response the man might take.  First, the path of knee-jerk reaction: he would yell a curse toward the window or perhaps dash up the stairs, find the owner, and punch him out.  Second, the path of the victim: this experience would confirm his belief that the world is out to get him, and he would go about the rest of his day protecting himself from evil, retelling his story many times.  Third, the path of detachment: he would rationalize that this was his karma, do nothing, and just keep walking.  Finally, the path of love: he would go to the flower store on the corner, buy a new plant, and deliver it to the person whose plant had been blown off the sill by the wind.”

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