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IntentionSam was doing his best to be a good person, not just once in a while, every moment of his life.  Sam had discovered true peace and contentment for the first time in his life.  In fact, Sam had recently become enlightened.  He was living from his heart and in the moment consistently.  You see, one incredible day in May, Sam fully discovered his heart and became God-conscious.  From that day forward, Sam does his best to live from his heart and with God’s love and compassion every moment.

Sam had previously spent a large amount of his time and energy in his head planning, manipulating, worrying and trying to pretend he wasn’t afraid.  He did pretty well and impressed many people, including himself at times.  He had a good deal of success along with many failures too.  As we do here on earth, Sam had certain lessons to learn.

Like most humans, Sam figured out most of his life using his brilliant mind and super computer, often not fully using his other senses and intuitive powers.  This can allow the ego to take charge and create chaos.  Also, how can a person be satisfied from something they figured out in their mind, instead of in their heart, intuition and true desires?

Now, Sam is learning to listen to his intuition and feelings.  It is a very wonderful time for Sam spiritually in his life.  His love for the truth, desire to discover God along with faithful, consistent meditation practice blossomed into self-realization.

At the same time, Sam’s business and income has been a roller-coaster for the past 10 months.  He was dealing with financial pressure and stress, and his daughter was quite ill and diagnosed with two rare diseases.

Sam has been away from his wife and daughter for a month and has been fasting, praying and meditating.  Their daughter has been through a tough and painful time.  Sam and his wife are going through many challenges too.  And still, Sam is doing his best to be an awakened good person every moment.  

So on Sunday, Sam feels like treating himself to a home cooked meal with organic eggs, toast and hash browns.  One of Sam’s favorite treats is a pecan braid from Panera Bread and he hasn’t had one in a long time.  He calls his local store a few miles down the street and they are sold out.  Sam calls another store two miles further away and a server named Oscar answers the phone.  Sam says, “I checked with my local store and they are sold out of pecan braids, do you have any left?”  Oscar checked and told Sam he was sorry they were sold out too.  Sam sighed and said, “That’s how it is.”  Then Oscar replied, “If you really want one I can bake some fresh for you in twenty minutes.”  Sam said, “Really, that’s great.  I’ll see you in an hour, please don’t rush and thank you so much for your kindness.”

It that moment Sam’s heart opened wide and felt a blanket of kindness and true service from a stranger named Oscar.  He was so happy and sincere to help in his offer to bake some fresh pecan braids.  Sam arrived an hour later and there was Oscar at the counter.  He brought out the pecan braids and said, “I know you only ordered one, but I thought you should have two – so enjoy.”  Sam felt such good vibrations.  His heart eased and his spirit lightened from Oscar’s smile, energy and kindness.  Then Oscar mentioned Sam could go online and give feedback on the service as their store was going through a tough period.  Sam looked directly into Oscar’s eyes, smiled and said, “You can count on it.  Happy to.”

As Sam walked out he thought, as you give so shall you receive.  His heart was full and he felt uplifted.  As soon as he started walking out the door towards his car, Sam couldn’t stop from opening the small box and taking a good bite out of the fresh, moist pecan braid.  It was still nice and warm.  Sam was in heaven and finished the first one by the time he sat down in his car.  The extra one came in handy too later that night.  Sam thought as delicious as they always taste, this batch may be the best ever because they were baked with so much love and care.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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