eaglesThe people we spend the most time with contribute greatly to the quality of our life and success.  They are called our “Circle of Influence” and make up our inner network.

The fact is we learn the most from the examples and patterns of the people we spend time with.  Our subconscious mind takes everything in.  It is as simple as monkey see, monkey do.

It is so important to choose our key friends and associates carefully.  They have a great impact on our beliefs, values and actions.  The people we spend time with are programming our subconscious mind and the future results we create.

Be aware and make conscious choices.  The people in our Circle of Influence must truly support and encourage our greatness and not have their own agenda at our expense.  They should be examples of proper principles and aligned with what is most important to us in our lives or careers.

Have the strength in your convictions to make sure your purpose and goals are your own true desires and aspirations.  Do not allow other people to make your decisions for you or take you off course.

No matter how much we respect certain people in our life and how much they may want for us, we must follow our truth and not the desires of other people.  For in the end, it is my life to live and no one else knows the dreams inside  my heart.

Listen to your intuition and your inner voice and to allow the universe to guide you.  Wait for the right circumstances, people and opportunities to develop and present themselves.  When not sure what to do, usually the best choice is non-action until you are clear on how and when to move forward.  Trust your heart.

The universe supports you.

You will progress and succeed.


🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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