God's Beauty


Life is amazing.
It becomes even more amazing when you tune into the details.

Look at this beautiful butterfly.
The color and design is incredible.
And as you notice the little details it becomes even more spectacular.

Can you see the patterns in the wings?
Can you see the white spots surrounding the wings and the patterns they make?
Can you see the eyes?
How about the antennas.

Give yourself the opportunity to notice the finer details of yourself, others and life around you.
It enhances your experience, joy and appreciation of the wonder of life.

The truth is in the details, so allow yourself to become even more amazed at the brilliance of life’s tapestry.  There are so many fine threads, and hues, colors and shapes.

Ever been invited for a delicious meal and when you come into the dining room it is dirty and messy.
The table is not set properly, the tablecloth is stained.  The silverware is haphazardly placed and not quite clean.  The glasses are at different angles and there are smudges are them.
How does it affect your expectation of the food?

Even if the food is cooked well and is delicious, will your experience be as enjoyable and fulfilling as if the dining room and table had been prepared as well as the food?
Are there any areas of your life that fit a similar pattern?
Are there times when you treat yourself or others this way?

“The little things don’t mean a lot, they mean everything.”
So allow yourself to be whole, complete and brilliant.
Let yourself shine.
Give yourself the time to do it right.

The finer details or the little things include letting the people you love and care about how wonderful they are.  How powerful is it when you feel acknowledged, recognized or appreciated?
Are you taking the time to share this with others when they deserve it?
Are you giving it to yourself?

God’s beauty is all around you.
Let yourself breathe it in, immerse yourself with the wonder and beauty of life.
Be grateful and share it.

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach


Picture – “I love it when you dress in blue!”
by Anderea

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