A Mother’s Love – Unconditional

The True Cause and Reversal of Human Disease

By Dr. Mick Hall

The core essence of what we are is Unconditional Love.
When in a state of integrated harmony with our core essence,
We are happy and content.
Within this state of integrated harmony is found
The true meaning of “Integrity.”

 The dictionary defines integrity as,
“…a state or quality of being complete, undivided; or unbroken; entirety.”
When a person aligns with integrity, he feels his personal power.
Feeling self-empowered engenders a feeling
Of confidence, peace, joy and contentment.
In a confident state of peace, joy and contentment,
All fear and neediness is dispelled.

To the degree of our being out of integrity,
Or misaligned with our core essence of Unconditional Love,
We become fearful and needy: or “stressed out.”
We are uncomfortable in this state of dis-ease,
And in time, this emotional dis-ease will crystallize in the body,
As disease.

A greater secret will never be found for the reversal of all human ills than this:
”Align yourself with the integrity of what you really are,
And continuously express yourself with Kindness and Total Acceptance
Toward yourself and to all others.”

Hence, the powerful truth behind the old adage:
”To Thine Own Self Be True.”


                                  Dr. Mick Hall is a Naturopathic doctor and his optimal health program is brilliant.
                               Most importantly, it works and transforms your health if you practice the principles.
                                                                 Visit his website at www.drmickhall.com.

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach



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