Have a Magnificent Day!

From Roy Eugene Davis –

Your highest spiritual good prevails when you are always conscious of your true nature
as an immortal, spiritual being in relationship with the Infinite.  At the innermost level
of your being you are whole, pure, serene and knowledgeable.  Allow your innate qualities
and capacities to emerge and be fully actualized.

Your highest mental good prevails when you think rationally, your intellectual powers
are fully developed and all life-enhancing desires and intentions produce or attract ideal
events and circumstances.

Your highest emotional good prevails when you can view thoughts, memories and
objective conditions with dispassionate objectivity.

Your highest physical good prevails when you are radiantly healthy and effectively functional.

Your highest circumstantial good prevails when environmental conditions are ideal and abundant
material resources that enable you to be comfortable, secure and it easily accomplish purposes of
value are always readily available.

Your highest god prevails in relationships when they are wholesome, harmonious and mutually supportive.

Merely wanting or hoping to have your highest good does not produce positive results.  To have it,
claim it as your own and do what is necessary to be able to have it.  You can do it.

“Yes, I know what is for my highest good, prepare myself to have it and thankfully claim it
as my own.”

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach



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