I was speaking with a my Stepfather, Henry as his 94 year old sister passed away.
I was calling to give to him some comfort and to let him know I care.

Henry is an amazing person.  Even in his grief he shared something special with me.
He said, Sometimes God puts you on your back so you can look up.”

When you reflect on this idea it is quite profound.
Our toughest times guide us to look up, open up and learn the lesson we need to grow.

Challenging situations or even shocking events that happen move us to change our position,
point of view, perception or even our behavior.

It is in allowing life to be the way it is and accepting the situation in the present moment
that we learn the lessons being offered to us with the most grace and totality.

Resistance is futile, because what we resist, persists.
You may as well let go and learn the lesson now.

So as I reflected on the wisdom that Henry shared with me today,
I see that I am on my back right now too and looking up.

It is good to look up, because that is where miracles come from.
Our good comes from God and by being open and receptive we receive it now.

Henry, who is almost 80, was fortunate to have his sister for most of his life.
Now may she find peace and rest on the next part of her journey.

In speaking with Henry there was a sweet sadness present.
Even though he shared some humor with me and wisdom, he was allowing himself to feel his loss.

In his sadness there was actually a sweetness that I could strongly sense.
Because Henry was feeling his feelings and being present.

Life is a gift, for it allows us to experience and feel all that we are and all that God gives us.
Make every moment count…….

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach

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