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In 1984 I met a man, named Michael Wyman.  He was truly extraordinary and taught a workshop called The Power of Acknowledgement.  Michael had a special way of being with people that they felt safe and could share their deepest feelings, fears and desires.  Michael truly cared for people and he listened from his heart and soul and people felt heard.  I witnessed so many people over the years say they finally felt that someone really listened to them.  They felt complete.  Michael made a difference in people’s lives.  He inspired and empowered people to live their dreams.


In the three years we worked closely together, I learned so much from this wonderful and creative genius.  Most importantly, I learned how to communicate from my heart and essence.  I discovered true communication because I discovered the Power of Acknowledgement.  In life, it is so easy to be distracted with surface things; money, relationships, career, homes, car, power, ego, etc.  Acknowledgement is the truth and recognition of what is.  It is so powerful.  It brings you into the present moment.  It brings you here and now.  It transcends time and space.

When we truly acknowledge something, it is real to us.  When we acknowledge another person, we connect with them on a deeper level.  It is not a compliment.  It is much more than that, for it is our expression of our truth.  Acknowledgement is the basis for true relationships and people properly relating to each other.  It is the space that magic happens.  When people communicate on this level amazing things are possible. True alignment, teamwork, intimacy happen in this space.  Miracles happen.  The more you acknowledge something the more it grows.  The more you acknowledge another person, the deeper the relationship grows.


When we acknowledge our truth we feel empowered to create what we want.  We tap into our divine potential.  Michael was a man of vision, love, inspiration, teamwork and a creative genius.  He saw the world as it is meant to be.  He acknowledged that we are not merely human beings, but Spiritual Being having a human experience here on earth.  He acknowledged that there is a Higher Purpose for being here.  He was a caring and compassionate being, who gave above and beyond the call of duty and helped people find their path and live their dreams by discovering their vision and purpose and following their truth.


At the time Michael created The Power of Acknowledgement Seminar over thirty years ago, a leading author and visionary of the new age, Jean Houston wrote an article on The Power of Acknowledgement.  There are no coincidences and Michael believed in his heart that this was an acknowledgement from the universe confirming how powerful these teachings and principles were and that the Power of Acknowledgement must be taught and shared with all people.  He was on a mission and I was privileged to be his friend and partner. 



‘Acknowledgment is an art that has yet to be learned for it is based on something never before known: deep psychological reciprocity, the art and science of mutual transformation.  And all the gurus and the masters and prophets, professors, and professionals can do little for us compared to what we can do for one another if we would but recognize the fullness of one another.’


                                      Dr. Jean Houston



May you discover the full Power of Acknowledgement in your life and give it to yourself and to others.  In order to love yourself and others, you must master the Power of Acknowledgement because when you acknowledge yourself it is the essence of loving and accepting yourself.  When you acknowledge others it also creates true alignment with them and allows you to enter their world.


During this Holiday Season acknowledge, recognize and appreciate the people around you for the contribution they make.  Love is for-giving so give yourself and others the quality time and acknowledgement.


‘A little acknowledgement goes a long way.’


Michael J. Wyman

God bless you Michael and thank you for all of the gifts you shared.



The Mega Coach



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