Have a Magnificent Day!

Are you satisfied with your life?

Do you have good health, good relationships with God, your family and with people both personally and professionally?


Do you love the work you do and are you prosperous?
Do you feel joy and are you fulfilled?


If you want to make any changes or transform your life in any area then it starts with your beliefs.
The power of belief is so important.


Why are your beliefs so important?

How do they affect your life and choices?


Beliefs determine the quality of your life, as all of your decisions start from your beliefs.
Your beliefs create your values and your decisions then determine your actions and the reality you create.


To change your behavior and results, you have to start with your own beliefs.


Your belief systems have to be congruent with the outcomes you desire or they will not manifest. 
It is this simple.  You can achieve anything in life that you see yourself having or believe that you are worthy of.  If you do not believe that you deserve something, you will sabotage it and even if you create it, it will fade away from your life.
Long-term patterns of success require supportive belief systems and values to sustain them. 
Feeling worthy is a very important component.  The magic of belief is so powerful. 

Belief, passion and enthusiasm go hand in hand and when you mix these ingredients together, a powerful synergy takes place.  Nothing can resist it.  When we believe and have the faith and trust of a child, life is a dashing, bold adventure.
Life becomes fun and full of excitement and discovery.  When we do not believe, we tend to be negative, critical and miserable.   Every religion talks about how important belief is and the effect of belief and faith on mankind and the world.


People who succeed have very different beliefs than people who fail.  Our beliefs about who and what we are and what we are capable of greatly impact our thoughts, words, self-image, actions and results in life. 

Beliefs can be a guiding principle along with faith and passion that give direction and meaning to our lives. 
Beliefs either empower us or destroy us.  When we congruently believe something it commands our brain to represent what is happening in a certain way.


‘One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interest.’                  

 John Stuart Mill

Our potential wealth, health and happiness are actually within us, waiting to be radiated outward into the world as healthy, wealthy, happy thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and decrees, which in turn attract like results into our lives.



🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach

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