Have a Magnificent Day!


We live in interesting times.

We are in the middle the most powerful economic crises since the Great Depression.

It is being called the ‘Great Recession.’


Most importantly, it is a time of great learning and transformation.

Throughout history, we have experienced great challenge and always survived and risen above to greater heights. These situations have given us our greatest lessons and growth.


Today, right now, we are facing some of the strongest FEAR, hurt and pain that our generation has ever known. The key is to know that it is only temporary and above all, we must have faith and trust and our belief will bring us home.


Everything in life is made of energy and every part of life has a spiritual essence at its core.  As people, we are Spiritual Beings.  Even business and money has a spiritual essence.  We must connect with our Source for all life and create from that truth and abundant source.


The cause of our economic crises is Greed, Power & Selfishness and how people acted as a result of these beliefs and values.  This directly caused the eventual collapse of the real estate market, the financial markets, many huge companies and almost crippled the US and many other countries around the world.

It is time to wake up and be responsible for ourselves and to live with Proper Principles.

As Gandhi said, ‘We must become the change we want to see in the world.’


Recently, I have met many people who are being challenged to their core with FEAR.

They are afraid that they will not have enough money, food, shelter, etc.
They are lashing out and hurting themselves and others out of their FEAR and pain.

It is time to stop, be still and listen to the small voice within.
It is time to start the healing process and to be gentle and caring with ourselves and others.


We must remember where all of our energy, health, sustenance and wealth comes from.
It is the blessing of a Higher Power….. and yes, we must do our part and live responsibly and use these gifts properly.


FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The human mind can work itself up into a fevered pitch of worry and concern.
However this is all thought and emotion generated and it is not the truth, no matter how real is may appear.


The truth is that we live in a blessed, abundant universe and there is enough for everyone.
We must learn to be fair, compassionate and generous and properly use and distribute the world’s resources.


This is our task as a planet.
Although we may be many countries, religions and creeds… the eyes of God, we are all his children.


We must take a stand now.  We must stand for truth, honesty, compassion and love and work together to clean up our planet.  This starts simply by cleaning up our own lives and living in harmony with the natural laws.


If we let our FEAR control our thoughts, feelings and actions, we will destroy ourselves.

If we acknowledge our fears and let go and give it to the Higher Power and transform our fear into truth and power we can do anything.


The way out of this madness is with kindness, compassion, love and gentleness.
The path to Peace is one of joy and respect in each other’s lives.


Make this the start of your true success and greatness.
Let’s transform the ‘Great Recession’ into the ‘Magnificent Golden Age.’


It starts with FAITH & TRUST and it is BELIEF that brings us Home.


🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach






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