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The Millionaire Moses,’ by Catherine Ponder continued:


The children of Israel became one of the most prosperous nations in the world.
From their humble beginning in the Bible, they continue to thrive and prosper.


Back in the early days of the Jewish People, their patriochs, Abraham, Issac and Jacob,

Moses, Joshua, King David & Solomon were all very rich and wealthy millionaires.


The story of Moses is described in the Book of Exodus.  Exodus means ‘a mass departure

or a way out of trouble.’  We can look at the stories in the bible and see their metaphysical

nature and that they are metaphors for our life.

Moses learned that ‘substance’ is the basis of all wealth.  We are all one with the creative

energy and ‘substance’ of the universe as everything and everyone is made up of energy.
From our energy or ‘substance’ we create our own reality and our outcomes in life.


Moses was blessed to learn both material prosperity from his upbringing as a son of Pharoh

and had unlimited wealth around him.  When he left Egypt and went into the desert, he learned

about inner growth, meditation and developed deeper powers.  Moses used this time to overcome

his strife and conflict within himself.  Before he could straighten out other people, Moses first

had to learn to straighten out himself and follow the Proper Principles of life.  This was a time

to disipline his own personal will using his thought and feelings  Moses developed his intuition,

that still, small voice within.


“My life (health, wealth & happiness) cannot be limited.  I am now freed from all limitation.
I now move forward into my expanded good, divinely directed and lavishly prospered.  All

things conform to the right thing for me now quickly and in peace.”


As you listen to your intuition your will discover your path to success and to your Promised Land.


Know that anything is possible and there is GOLD DUST in the air!


Prosperously yours,
🙂 Lee

The Mega Magnet

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