I am blessed with the greatest gift of God’s love, as he sent to me my sweet honey and Twin Flame – the love of my life for me to share eternity with.   Our love is full of joy, it is unconditional and fills my heart and overflows to transform the world with its light.

May you be blessed as well.


True Wealth
by Lee Papier


What is that goal we seek?

What amount of money or success is enough?

How easy it is to be lost in the quest, to be distracted by illusions of success.


The real blessing is to discover and feel God’s love.

It is ever present, gentle and unconditional.


You can feel it in a friend’s eyes and their kind words.

You can feel it in a parent’s nurturing and support.

You can feel it in a lover’s kiss.

Just listen with your heart.


You can see it in the wonder and beauty of nature,

The magic of flowers and hummingbird’s wings.


True wealth is inside us, it is in our heart and spirit.

It is the love and joy we are created with.

It is our essence.


Our blessings are we are God’s children.

We have the gift of his love and the freedom to create our lives.


We can love, inspire, uplift and smile. 

We can make this world “Heaven on Earth”
With our kindness, gentleness and giving.


I feel the wonder and glory of it all

When I look into your eyes, when I hold you, when I draw you close.


God’s love is channeled through you.

He sent you to me as a gift.

I feel joy and warmth to my very soul.

God is always sending love to us; we must be open to receive it.


My spirit is full of peace and oneness,

For love fills every space in the universe.

Everything is full of love.

I see your eyes smiling.


True love completes us, makes us whole.

It brings us close, one with the Divine.


Thank you for your love and sweetness,       
For in it I have found what I am,

A being of love.


We are here to give and receive unconditional love,

To actualize our potential as Spiritual Beings,

To see God in each other,

To know his presence.


Thank you for sharing your heart and all that you are.

Thank you for caring, for loving and for your acknowledgement.

It is in giving that we receive our true heritage and abundance.

It is in giving and loving that we experience true wealth.



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