Lakoda Rayne’s performance last night

This is one of those weeks on talent shows like The X Factor when you wish they’d say, “Surprise! In honor of Thanksiving no one goes home!” That’s because last night’s show was just a really positive, nice experience. But alas, it was a double elimination week, so two contestants were getting the boot.

With an opening from Kelly Clarkson and a performance mid-show from Bruno Mars, along with the Pepsi Choice Performance (which seemed like glittery, costumed chaos, but what do I know), the main focus of the show were the contestants. Host Steve Jones led off the results by calling Lakoda Rayne and Drew to the stage and announcing that one of them had the lowest number of votes.

Can you guess who it was?

Lakoda Rayne was sent home, but not with crying and whining. When Steve said, “The dream is over,” the girls chimed in with, “The dream is NOT over” and “You’ll be seeing Lakoda Rayne in concert everywhere!” Drew seemed stunned in general and told the girls she loved them. I feel badly for her; last night when everyone else was getting positive, inspiring feedback, LA shot off another round of criticism in the direction of her mentor, which of course is really at her.

Anyway, the other contestants going straight through were Chris Rene, Rachel Crow (who always seems so surprised every week), Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro, and Astro. That left LeRoy Brown and Marcus Canty to sing their “save me” song.

Both choice ballads; both sang great. But the judges had to pick one of them to send home.

LA, who is Marcus’s mentor, made a plea to the other judges about how Marcus could be a major star, adding that Marcus has been more consistent but LeRoy has a “sizzle” factor – “People really love you.” In the end, he sent LeRoy packing.

Nicole said that Marcus is a star but that LeRoy has blossomed, and sent Marcus home. She’s LeRoy’s mentor.

Host Steve Jones pressed Paula for her answer, to which she replied, “It’s not that quick, Steve.” She said Marcus has potential to be a star but he didn’t deliver in his “save me” song. She also had high praises for LeRoy. So she based her decision solely on the “save me” song and sent Marcus home.

That meant that Simon was once again in the position of either making a decision or calling it a draw and leaving the decision in the audience’s hands. Pick Marcus, Marcus goes home. Pick LeRoy, and the contestant with the lowest number of votes goes home.

Simon went with the latter option, so it came down to actual votes. And in the end, it was LeRoy Bell saying good bye. He said it was a great ride, a wonderful journey, and that he was OK. He thanked everyone who supported him. Nicole said she was so proud of him.

I’m on the fence with this one. I like Marcus, but I’m not a fan of his corney stage shows every week. I like when he sings; I loved his ballad tonight. LeRoy, on the other hand, has a great voice and you can imagine an album of his own songs, but in a more intimate concert setting.

Either way, someone had to go. And next week, it’s another double elimination, so off the 7 remaining contestants, 2 will be sent home. At this point, it’s not because they’re bad. Someone has to get the least number of votes.

We’re also getting to the point where it might be time to start making predictions. I’m hoping to see Melanie Amaro, Drew, Josh Krajcik, and Rachel Crow heading towards the finals. Any thoughts?

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