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On Sunday, all of America will be focused on the day that changed our lives forever: September 11th. It’s just a date, but it holds so much meaning, so much hurt, so many memories.

I remember where I was, and what was happening as I watched the Twin Towers get hit, the news reports that the Pentagon was hit, and then saw the towers fall to the ground. And as I watch the images on TV I remember.

But it’s the songs that bring back the emotions, mostly of the days and weeks after the tragedy, as America pulled together as one nation like it hasn’t in a long, long time.

I’ve shared a few songs here that remind me of 9/11 and the months afterwards. Some are emotional, some a funny and a little in your face. But that’s what music does; it’s captures our emotions and takes us through a cathartic journey.

I’ve also posted a column I wrote years ago called “The Unsung Celebrity.” It’s been published a few times but I wanted to share it with you; you can read it here.

So what are some of the songs that have meaning for you as we recognize the 10th anniversary of September 11th?

And let me take this opportunity to say thank you – to the soldiers who serve our nation and to their families, who sacrifice as well, so that stupid bloggers like me can sit on our arses and pontificate on stupid topics and get paid for it. If I ever felt like I wasn’t pulling my weight as an American, I feel it when I see videos like these and hear musical tributes like this.

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