Cover art for John Schlitt's planned fourth solo album, "A Greater Cause".

Legendary recording artist and Gospel Music Hall of Famer John Schlitt, best known as the lead singer for award-winning Christian band Petra, has a unique twist for his fourth solo album, The Greater Cause. The album will be partly fan-funded.

Partnering with fans through a platform called Kickstarter, Schlitt has already raised more than $29,000 of his $35,000 goal. It works like this: fans go to the site and make a pledge. If/when the entire goal is met, their credit cards are then charged. If the goal is not met by the deadline – in this case, August 8 – no one pays.

“I have been truly blessed by the love and support I have been shown throughout the years,” says Schlitt in a press release. “So many people have asked me ‘When are you going to get that next CD out? We want another rocker from you!’ Through Kickstarter, we can partner as a team and make it happen together.”

If the goal is met and the project proceeds, partners get a “reward” ranging from a digital pre-release of the album to a phone call, backstage meeting and thank you from the stage – and for those large donors, a concert in your city or a personalized, handmade piece of furniture.

How about that? You can help fund the album and store your teacups in a china cabinet made by the musician?

Technology is a wonderful thing, and in this case allows fans to support their favorite artist without having record companies take a huge cut. Huge cut.

On his Kickstarter page, Schlitt explains, “To make The Greater Cause, including recording costs and expenses, CD design, graphics and manufacturing, etc., will take a lot more money than I could come up with on my own. The goal of $35,000 is only part of what goes into making a quality recording that lives up to the professional level you have come to expect from me.”

You can learn  more about John Schlitt’s latest project on his Kickstarter page.


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