Last night on American Idol the Top 12 contestants performed live for your votes. Some rocked, some surprised, and some just made us sleepy.
So who goes home? We’ll find out tonight on the live results show, with special guests David Cook, Ke$ha and Orianthi.
In the meantime, check out my Top 5 predictions – who do you think its going to the finals?

Tonight’s show kicks off with a video montage of the Top 12 and their journey this season, fr0m their initial audition to their live performances, followed by a quick Irish light display (Happy St. Patrick’s Day).
Simon wants to address what he calls Ryan’s “aggressive behavior” and tells him not to cross the line with the “eyeballing” and then affirms that they’re friends. Simon explains that starting tonight the judge’s save goes into effect starting tonight, up until the Top 5.
So there’s a judges’ save this season. What do you think about that? Last season it saved Matt Giraud for another week. Remember, the judges have to be unanimous in their decision to save any contestant, and they only get to do it once.
The show opens with David Cook performing “Jumping Jack Flash.” This is really the intensity we needed to see from last night’s show; can the contestants have a band on stage with them when they perform? Of course, this song is so repetitive it gets boring no matter how well David Cook sings it.
I just love David Cook.

David says he’s glad no one has to vote on him this time, and he talks about how excited he is about his next record. He’s going to Africa for Idol Gives Back and will bring back a story for that show.
After the break, we’ll get some results. Wait, not group performance tonight? Interesting. We got David Cook instead! Yeah! And a Ford commercial.
Ryan says we may be in for some excitement tonight. A car commercial isn’t it, I hope. Casey wasn’t in the commercial because he was sick, but he was ather when the contestants worked with Ford to design their own Ford Fiesta graphics. Which is really just another commercial for Ford.
Time for the results. We’ll find out who the bottom three are, and then who’s going home.
Paige Miles is up first. Her voice is a little better, but she’s in the bottom three. Wow, right out of the box. That was a surprise; usually first up is safe.
Lee Dewyze is up next, and he’s safe.
Ryan skips Andrew and Tim, and Siobhan Magnus is next. Ryan brings up the comparision to Adam Lambert and asks Ellen if she can break away and stand out. Ellen says she already has. Siobhan is safe.
Aaron Kelly is next; he’s safe.
Back to Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban. Both stand and Ryan recaps their performances. Ryan asks Kara if she’s comfortable seeing either one of them going home, and she says she’s never comfortable with someone going but based on last night’s performances, yes. And it’s Tim Urban in the bottom three with Paige.
Well, one of them is going home; that’s a given. Both have stuck around by the skin of their teeth, so this isn’t a surprise. We’ll find out who else is in the bottom three after the break and a performance by Orianthi.
During the break: last night Ellen told Siobhan she stood out “like Snooki’s poof.” If you’re like me and completely uncool, you probably went … “What??” Well, here’s the explanation: Snooki is a cast member on the show “Jersey Shore” and her “poof” is that bouffant on the top of her head. So there you go.
So Orianthi is performing. If she was on the show I’d vote her off. It’s the same pop stuff we hear every day. OK, she plays a mean guitar. But this song is repetitive and boring. And I don’t think she’s wearing enough black eye makeup. She talks about her audition with Michael Jackson, and that it was intense, and she was supposed to go out on the “This Is It” tour with him. Well, there you go. Meet Orianthi.
After the break, we’ll find out who else is in the bottom three.
Ryan starts on the bottom row at the right, with Didi Benami. He said she went a little darker last night and asks her game plan if she stays. She says she’s just going with it. Didi is safe.
Ryan skips Katie Stevens and Mike Lynche, and goes to Crystal Bowersox. Ryan asks about how the judges said she performs like she’s got it “in the bag”. She says not to put words in her mouth and she’s never thought for one minute she’s got the competition in the bag. She says it’s anyone’s to win. She’s safe.
Back to Katie Stevens. Ryan asks if she’s had a difficult time deciphering the judges’ advice. She says she wants to please everyone but this week she just tried to try her best. Ryan asks Kara about her comment about Katie possibly winning; Kara says Katies is inconsistent and pitchy and sees her as a pop R&B performer. Simon totally disagrees and says she should do be country, making Ryan’s point. Katie’s safe, and hopefully she ignores them all and just picks something she likes to sing.
Michael Lynche is up next. Mike says he’s here “for the people” and that’s what inspires him. Mike is safe.
So that leaves Lacey Brown and Casey James. Ryan recaps their performances. Lacey is in the bottom three.
So it’s Lacey, Tim and Paige. No surprises there. My guess? Tim is staying for sure. Who else is up for grabs.
Ryan asks Ellen if any of the three are worth using the judges’ save; she waffles and tries to be kind with a tentative “Yeeees?” which was a nice way to say no.
And I’m right. Tim is safe. We get another performance, this time from Ke$ha, and then we find out who’s going home. My guess is it’s Lacey.
So this Ke$ha – who books these acts for Idol? I mean, it’s trash. It’s stupid. It’s not fit for family viewing. It’s not even good. My dog Bandit could bark for 4 minutes and it would be more entertaining. If this is what Coke and Ford think is worth supporting with their ad dollars, maybe it’s time to switch to Pepsi and Chevy. Blech.
After I go bang my head against a wall to get rid of that musical disaster, roommates Lacey and Paige find out which of them is going home.
Lacey is going home, and she doesn’t seem surprised. She gets to sing – she’s singing “The Story” – and the judges get to decide if they want to save her. The judges are talking, but I can’t imagine they’ll use their one save right off the bat.
Don’t worry about Lacey. The Christian industry will sign her and she’ll release one album. She does have a lovely voice.
Lacey says she’s had a blast,; she’s a little tear, and she’s very gracious in her exit and says she’s excited for the future. We see her video montage; Katie Stevens is bawling, Paige is bawling, hugs all around from her fellow contestants.
So there you have it: Lacey Brown says goodbye.
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