Last night the remaining 8 girls on season 9 of American Idol performed, and tonight we see the remaining 8 guys take the stage before the Top 12 contestants are announced tomorrow night.
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Here we go; the guys are lined up like they’re getting ready for a firing squad as Ryan introduces them. Well, Alex and Aaron are laughing.
Once again, we’re hurrying to get 8 performances in in an hour, so we should see very little goofing around. Ryan asks Kar and Simon why they’re so close to each other. Kara says it might be separation anxiety because he’s not with his fiance.

Lee Dewyze is up first, singing Owl City’s “Fireflies.” He’s playing guitar; I don’t know this song, I have to confess. I don’t love it, but as usual he’s singing it well. I like when he does more rock or soul rather than this boppy pop stuff. Randy says it was a strange song choice – agreed – and it had a couple of pitch problems, but he made it work. Ellen loved it and tells him a lot of people have crushes on him. Kara says he looks confident, and she thinks he made the song a better song. Oh brother, Kara and Simon are nudging and leaning on each other; we don’t have time for this juvenile flirting. Kara says it was solid, not his best performance, but solid. Simon says he didn’t have a moment, and he thinks Lee is better than the version of the song he just did, but is confident Lee will be in the Top 12. Lee admits he was a little worried about what the judges would think and he picked the song to try something different.
Alex Lambert is singing “Trouble”, playing guitar again. It’s a bit nasally, but I love this kid. He’s got such a great voice, and he seems so much older; what is he? 17? Not his best performance, but he’s not going anywhere, either. Randy says it was a good song choice, but he wasn’t wowed by it. Ellen keeps using the ripening banana analogy with Alex, and she says he gets better and better, and she loves his innocence. Kara says the only thing standing in the way of his winning is him because he’s still stiff and not letting go. Simon agrees, and says he needs to get mentally somewhere else. He needs to loosen up and not concentrate on the cameras. Simon tells him to imagine Randy in a bikini, and if Alex is here, Simon will get Randy in a bikini next week. Eeeer, that’s OK, Simon.

Tim Urban is performing Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”, just him and a guitar. Tim’s pulling out the stops this week; he sounds great. The song is in his range, and he’s comfortable. This is maybe his best performance, even though my daughter just texted me to comment,” He’s butchering the song; good think he’s so cute.” Randy says they’ve had some good times on the show with that song and Tim did a good job. Ellen says she’s been so hard on him, and tonight she gets up to give him a hug and says it was fantastic. Kara said she thought he was going home three weeks and now with that performance he’s in it to win it. Simon says he feels responsible for Tim doing well tonight, because he gave Tim a confidence boost. Simon says it was a very smart song choice, and it was by far the strongest performance Tim’s given. Tim says, “Thank you all so much” for the constructive criticism.
Andrew Garcia is up next singing … Christina Aguilara? He better step it up this week, because underdogs Alex and Tim really have put themselves into the competition, and Andrew has failed to deliver. He’s singing “Genie In A Bottle”. What’s with Andrew singing chick songs? He’s stripped the song, to just him a guitar, answering to the judges repeated request to offer up something as good as his version of “Straight Up.” He sounds better than he has in a long time and he seemed his most comfortable in a while. But it’s weird, watching him singing that song. There’s nothing really super special about his version. But he sounds good. Randy says it was an interesting song choice; it was a good idea but it didn’t quite work for him. Randy says it felt like the song was just three notes. Ellen says it was a great song choice, and the end started to be good and she wished he’d done something different but she thinks people will love it. Kara says his problem is that he peaked so early and he’s been chasing it ever since. She likes him but it’s just not great. Simon agrees with Kara, that Andrew has been trying to work out what he should be doing and this seemed desperate.
It must be guitar night; Casey James is singing a Keith Urban song, just him and the guitar, a little background. He sounds great, which is a lot coming from me because he annoys me. I think he sounded really good. Randy calls it a safe choice and says Casey should go more Stevie Ray. Ellen thought it was great, and he seemed more comfortable sitting on a stool playing the guitar. Kara says she’s kinda back on what she calls “the Casey train.” She wants more spark but this is a move in the right direction. Simon says it was his second best performance. It made him sincere but it’s not something we’ll be raving out in 24 hours, but he sounded great.
Aaron Kelly is up singing Lonestar’s “I’m Already There.” He’s off to a shaky start; I don’t think this is a great song choice for him. Here’s the thing: Alex and Aaron are both very gifted singers, and they’re both very young. But Alex brings something special to the table that Aaron doesn’t have. I don’t know if it’s maturity, or that singer/songwriter vibe, or what. I see Aaron in a boy band, or on Radio Disney singing pop music. That’s what he looks like to me. Randy says he has the makings of a great singer, that this had a shaky start but was great when he got to his power zone. Ellen says she loves him and he’s sincere, but he’s sounded better. She says it’s a little too much song for him. Kara says she loves him, but that song was not relevent to his life. Simon says what Kara said is “complete and utter rubbish.” It’s a beautiful song and the right type for him, Simon says; it wasn’t a great vocal but it had emotion. He said it shouldn’t matter that Aaron isn’t married and doesn’t have kids; it’s a song and the judges are confusing the younger contestants with this kind of advice.
Todrick Hall is singing Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” Good grief. Why is he still in this competition? This song has a gospel vibe to it, and he’s definitely singing better than he has lately. So that’s good. At least he’s mostly on key this week. But he’s all stage show; it’s a little Broadway. Which of course makes sense, since Todrick is a Broadway performer. Randy says “Todrick is back!” Randy says he proved that he can really sing, and he thinks it was one of the best vocals from the guys in the last couple of weeks. Ellen says he’s brave for singing that song, and the gospel sound worked. Kara says it was good singing, but there were moments when she didn’t know whether to love it or laugh. Randy calls it “Glee.” Simon says it was good in parts and that Todrick told America what he’s about, which is Broadway. Simon says it was good singing and it might have just saved him.
Michael Lynche closes out the show with “This Woman’s Work” … by Kate Bush, I think? Hmm, interesting falsetto opens the song. Michael has a great voice but I’m not jumping up and down. Randy says … “Really? Really really?” He calls it crazy and calls it “dope” and “hot.” Ellen says it’s one of her favorite songs, and he’s the one to beat. Kara is crying, and says it’s relevant for his life, with the new baby, etc. Simon hugs Kara. Simon says it was so needed tonight, and it was the best performance of the night and the best of the live performances so far. What? Maybe I was hearing a different song or something. It was lovely and Mike’s a great guy and it was a beautiful song. But the best so far of the season’s live performances? I’m not so sure about that. But what do I know?
So who’s going home? I’d put money that it won’t be Lee, Alex, Tim or Big Mike. I think Todrick’s time might be up. As for Casey, Aaron, and Andrew? They all were good, but not great, and while they don’t deserve to go, someone’s got to be at the bottom of the list. But what do you think?
We’ll find out who makes the cut for season 9’s Top 12 – 6 girls and 6 guys – tomorrow night! Meet me here at 8 PM!

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