Tonight is the last night of regular auditions for Season 9 of American Idol, and we get to take a peek at more auditions from the cities Idol visited last summer: Boston, LA, Dallas, Denver, Chicago and Orlando.
Hopefully, we see the best and not the worst, and maybe we’ll see some of the contestants rumored to have made the Top 24 but still strangers to us (including contestants with ties to Christian music, like Ben Honeycutt, former lead vocalist for Candlefuse).
See you tonight at 9 PM! (Did Fox schedule Idol at 9 so we’d have to watch Human Target first? Tricky, tricky.)
While we’re waiting, check out the post I did today about contestants with American Idol Season 9 ties to Christian music.

Ryan recaps General Larry Platt’s “Pants On The Ground” and we see a few “remakes”, from country to acoustic. Then a few montages of bad auditions, a great audition from Jessica Furney, who sings a song co-written by Simon Cowell, and a sneak peek at Lacey Brown singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” (Lacey is the venue director at her parents’ church in Amarillo. Read more about her and other Idol Season 9 contestants with ties to Christian music.)
We’re back with Amanda Shectman, who auditioned in Boston. I think she sings very well but for some reason the judges seem iffy, telling her she’s a bit too theatery and needs to connect more. Oh, she’s begging and acting dramatic. The girls say yes, Simon is being goofy, and after all that she’s through with four yeses. I see crocodile tears. Or no tears. Good grief, is she Tatiana II?
Next we finally see Le DeWyze, who’s rumored to make the top 24, and Crystal Bowersox, who has a great voice, too. I like Lee; I hope that top 24 list is right.

Montage of fake outs, and a peek at what might be some goofy auditions after the break.
One of the contestants back for another shot is the aforementioned Lacey Brown. I forgot that she’d auditioned in Season 8, and it came down to her and Megan Joy at the judges mansion in Hollywood. Gee, and the judges thought Megan was a better choice? I couldn’t wait for Megan to get voted off last season. Thankfully, Lacey gets another chance.
Stephanie Fisher is starstruck by Victoria Beckham, and though her vocals stink she gets hugs from both V and Kara, which appears to be better than a yes from the judges.
Three 16 year olds who are headed to Hollywood are Rachel Hubbard, Thaddeus Johnson and Genesis Moore. I wonder how many 16 year olds are through; it seems like we’re seeing more every season.
Here’s one for weirdest: Adrian Chandtchi, who stands 6’8″ and sings, as Simon says, like there’s a little boy inside him. Adrian tells the judges to give him a call if they want a callback or job opportunity.
Up next is Michael Lynch, a 26 year old personal trainer (and father to be!) who was rumored to be in the top 2 but got cut after his dad let the secret out of the bag. We see him through tonight but we’ll find out what happens after Hollywood.
Didi Benami is singing in honor of her best friend Rebecca, who died four years ago. Didi has a great voice, singing “Hey Jude”. She gets through the song and her emotionals get the best ofher and she breaks into tears. Simon gives her a small yes and Randy says he’ll give her another shot; Avril Lavigne said absolutely, and Kara says she’s through. I really liked Didi a lot.
Up next is Aaron Kelly, who is rumored to be in the Top 24; he’s a 16 year old with a sad backstory. He also won the Disney American Idol Experience.
Kimberly Bishop says she’d be a good Idol because she’d be into recycling and helping kids in Africa. Er …. OK. After her is Shaddaii Harris, whose mom said she had a vision from the Lord that her daughter would sing. Must have gotten her visions crossed because baby can’t carry a tune.
And last up is Hope Johnson, with a backstory of poverty. The 19 year old waitress/bartender sang “I Hope You Dance.” Love her sweet personality and voice. And she’s the last audition we see before we head to Hollywood!
Fun! Next week Ellen DeGeneres joins the panel! Can’t wait!
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