Now that the Top 12 girls and the Top 12 guys have performed, it’s time for someone to go home. Four someones, to be exact. Two guys and two girls.
Tonight, the Top 24 results show happens live, with guests Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen.
So who do you think is going home?

On the girls’ side, I think Paige Miles is at a disadvantage, not for lack of talent, but lack of exposure. At least with Haeley the others, we’ve seen several of their audition peformances. Some have been good, some bad, but at least we know what they’re capable of. With Paige, most viewers can only judge her on this performance, which is a bit unfair.

But my top candidates to go home? Haeley Vaughn and Ashley Rodrieguez.
For the guys’, Tim Urban is at a distinct disadvantage. He didn’t get a lot of air time during auditions, and there may be some backlash since he replace Chris Golightly. That, plus he sang terribly last night.
But Jermaine Sellers and Todrick Hall were neck in neck in the “didn’t live up to the hype” category, so who knows? Tim may end up OK if viewers give him a break for one week. So I think Jermaine and Todrick might be headed home.
One thing’s for sure: it probably won’t be Crystal Bowersox. A recent Idol Democracy survey found that viewers think Crystal is at the top of their favorites list, and Ashley Rodriguez and Haeley Vaughn should go home. And on the guys’ side? Casey James is the favorite (I don’t know why …) and at the bottom? Todrick and Jermaine.
We’ll find out tonight! See you here at 8, (and then join me on Twitter for the women’s figure skating finals).
Ryan starts off telling us that 24 million viewers cast their votes last night. Polling the judges, Ryan mentions that Simon seemed harsher than normal last night. Simon says the a judge needs to be honest. Ellen says that her first week wasn’t what she expected, making a joke, but she said she expected the contestants to be nervous and can sympathize with them. Randy says the live performances are make it or break it. Ryan asks about Kara’s gushing about Casey James – we see her husband in the audience.
The Top 24 sing “American Boy”. The girls sound lovely together; Crystal seems a little awkward doing some dance moves. The guys sound great, too. Ugh, I hate when they focus on Casey doing an “Im hot” face. Blech.
Together, the Top 24 sound very good. Mellow, a bit muzak-y maybe,
We’re talking about the girls first, and Ryan starts with the back row.
Starting with Siobhan, she’s safe.
Haeley Vaughn is up next, and she’s safe, too. That one could have gone either way.
Ryan skips Janelle Wheeler and Katie Stevens and goes to Michelle Delamor, who is also safe.
Katelynn Epperly is safe; but Katie and Janell are still standing, and one of them is going home. And it’s Janell. WOW, I did not see that one coming. Janell makes a gracious exit, reprising her song from last night. Oddly enough, she’s singing so much better tonight; if she sang like this last night she might be sticking around.
So what do you think? Did that elimination come out of left field?
When we come back, Allison Iraheta performs her new single, “Scars.” I forgot how great her voice is. The whole outfit seems a bit contrived. And is she wearing a wig? Anyway, she was great.
OK, another girl is going home, so the spotlight is on the front row.
Up first, Paige Miles, and she gets another chance. Good.
Skipping Lilly and Crystal, Ryan goes to Lacey Brown and she’s safe, too.
Lilly is next, and she’s safe. No surprise.
Crystal is next and again, no surprise, she’s safe.
Ashley and Didi are left, and Ryan has them walk to the center of the stage. I think it’s going to be Ashley going home. And it’s … Ryan goes to Ellen for advice for whoever goes home. She tells them they’re not starting over, and they should look at this as another experience, even thought it’s hard. That new experience ends for Ashley, who’s going home.
She’s very calm and sweet, even though she’s disappointed, and she’s very gracious. She sings again and I think this was the right call. She ought to go acting or modeling. She’s so beautiful, but singing just isn’t her thing. Or this song is the problem. Either way, this elimination isn’t a surprise.
So it’s the guys’ turn next. But before they do the results, they show a video of Tyler at rehearsal in his robe, tennis socks and boots, thinking there would be wardrobe.
Back row first – Big Mike is first, anhd he’s safe.
John Park is next, and he’s safe.
Aaron Kelly is safe; he looks so cute next to all of the tall guys.
Todrick Hall is safe. That one could have gone either way.
Tim Urban and Joe Munoz are left in the back row; both got little airtime in Hollywood. Ryan asks Kara is one of them should go, and she says out of that group … she can’t say that America is right sending one of them home. But one is, and it’s Joe.
Holy smokes, Tim Urban is in total and complete shock. Total shock. He’s shaking his head and looks completely stunned. Joe sings again; it’s really too bad he’s going home. He’s got sooo much potential. Of those two, I think Tim had the weaker vocals. But this is Idol, after all, and anything can happen.
Before we get to the rest of the results, Ryan gives us an update on this season’s Idol Gives Back. Kris Allen just got back from Haiti, and shares his thoughts. He says there is a lot of devastation but there is also hope. Ryan tells that Kris’ performance from tonight will be available on iTunes and all of the proceeds will go to Haiti. Ryan gives some other giving options.
Kris Allen performs “Let It Be”, video of montage of photos from Haiti showing on the screen behind him. This is classic Kris Allen; him, the guitar, and a guy on piano. Great song, great arrangment.
After the break, we find out the other guy going home.
First up in the front row is Casey James, who’s safe, obviously.
Jermaine Sellers is up next, and despite the fact that he was … OK, terrible … he’s safe.
Lee Dewyze is safe.
Andrew Garcia is safe. No surprise there.
Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert are left. Wow. Can’t believe it. I wouldn’t send either one home. Ryan asks Simon which one he thinks is going, based on vocals, and Simon says Tyler. And Simon’s right. Tyler is going home.
Holy smokes. I didn’t see that one coming, either. Tyler throws the judges under the bus! He says he felt like he didn’t get enough constructive criticism during Hollywood Week and what they gave him last night was too late. Well, maybe it’s good he’s going.
Tyler performs one last time. He really has a great voice. It’s too bad he’s going. On a (side note: doesn’t Tyler look like Kenickie from Grease?)
So there you have it. Joe Munoz, Tyler Grady, Ashley Rogriguez, and Janell Wheeler are sent home.
Were those the right decisions? Is your favorite still in the competition?
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