Last night’s episode of American Idol from Hollywood Week showed us some great individual auditions from Hollywood Week. But tonight comes one of my favorite part of the show: group performances. Typically, someone has a total meltdown and we get to see the contestants under some real pressure. Some will crack, and some will turn into diamonds.
Join me here tonight for the fun. Remember, tonight’s show starts at 9 PM. While we’re waiting, have you seen the show Faces of America on PBS, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr? I loved watching when he traced the ancestry of African Americans, and now he’s doing the same for celebrities like Meryl Streep, Kristy Yamaguchi, Stephen Colbert and more. Very interesting.
OK, let’s get back to Idol. It’s 9 PM and here we go! Even my dog Scout is curled up in the recliner, ready for the action.
Eighty-five contestants went home last night, leaving 96 contestants to form groups, choose a song and pull of a group performance.
Group practices start as soon as the individual auditions are done, which means 11 PM.
And the drama begins.

The Dreamers, which includes Mary Powers, Alex Lambert and … oh, rats, I didn’t catch her name, form a group, and then Hope Johnson and Erin something or other decide to join. Then they don’t show up. Are then in? Out?
We also see Moorea, who was in the group in Season 8 with Danny Gokey and Jermaine Rogers. Her group this season, Phoenix, this season includes Jermaine Sellers. Let’s see if she can get through this time.
Some groups get right to work, others are already starting to come apart at the seams.
Oh, group night. I love it.
It’s after midnight and Mary Powers’ group still isn’t sure about the two new girls Hope and Erin, so they finally get their act together. Well, for a while. There’s a power struggle within the group, and Mary is even trying the patience of keyboard player Michael Orland.
And other groups are rehearsing and arguing and starting to get on each other’s nerves.
Michael Lynch, part of the group Team Awesome, is back in his room after their group is finished. Michael is talking to his wife, who’s in labor with their first baby.

Two groups – Neopolatan and Destiny’s Wild – are performing the same song and practicing near each other, which always causes some interesting moments. Who stole whose moves? Who’s hogging time with the vocal coach?
After a few hours of sleep, everyone’s up and Ryan says that, surprisingly, everyone seems to be in pretty good spirits.
And ah ha! Now the fun begins! Because contestants are forgetting the lyrics and contestants are at each other’s throats. And just as the group’s start to perform, Mike’s wife has her baby. Wow. Poor guy. He’s talking her through on his cell phone. Eeew, I hope he’s not watching it on video phone. Oooo, it’s a baby girl! And we hear the baby cry!! Awww. So sweet! (He shows a pic of the bundled baby – look at all that hair!)
First group up: Ashley Rodriguez, Michelle Delamor and Charity Vance, otherwise known as Faith, are all through.
The next group, Team Awesome, consists of Tim Urban, Michael Lynch, Seth Rollins and Michael Castro. Going through? Michael Lynch and Tim Urban. Wow, that was Seth Rollins’ third time auditioning.
The feuding groups – Neopolitan (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus something, Jessica Cunningham, and Page something) and Destiny’s Wild (Theri, Jared Liewer, Siobhan Mangus, Todrick Hall) – continue to snipe about each other but in the end, both groups make it through.
As do a string of contestants who’s names we don’t catch. And then The Mighty Rangers take the stage and pretty much stink up the joint. Tori Kelly and Maddie Penrose make it through, but Kimberly Kerbow (she forgot the words, a cardinal sin), Mark Labriola, and Danny Jones go home.
Hey, our local Fox station just said at 10 they’d have an interview with local contestant Jonathan Stills, which probably means he didn’t make it through. Way to give away the ending, Fox.
Phoenix finally takes the stage, with Moorea Masa, Ben Honeycutt, Jermaine Sellers and Jeff Goldford; fifth member Cat Nestle quit and went home. Jeff and Jermaine are going forward; Ben (former lead vocalist for Candlefuse) and Moorea are going home.
Montage of groups screwing up a Gwen Stefani song; song choice, people! Song choice!
The group Big Dreams – Matt Lawrence, Amanda Sheckman, and two others – stink up the joint big time and they all go home.
Also going home Leah Laurenti, Carmen (who auditioned with her BFF), Kimberly … Carver? … and Dave Pittman.
Two groups that wowed the judges, Middle C – Janell Wheeler, Jermaine Purifoy, Casey James – and Three Men and a Baby – Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, JB Ahfua – all make it through. Kara says that she thinks Katie Stevens has the potential to win. She is good.
And bringing up the rear on group day, the token drama group, Dreamers. Ryan says they’re five big personalities and that ends up being their demise. Their background vocals are horrible. But Mary Powers, Hope Johnson and Alex Lambert go through.
Others continuing include John Park, Angela Martin, Tasha Layton, Katelyn Epperly, and Christian Spear. One question: what will happen to Angela Martin? This is her third time to Hollywood and her two previous opportunities were squashed by death and personal problems. Now her mom is missing. That poor girl.
Next Tuesday, the 71 remaining contestants get one last chance to show what they’re capable of when they perform once more by themselves. Then Wednesday, we get an hour of drama and tension as the top 24 are revealed.
Then Thursday, you can catch me on Faith Radio talking about this season of Idol!
I can’t wait! Care to make your predictions about the Top 24?
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