Tonight is the last city for American Idol’s season 9 auditions, and I’m hoping Denver has something exciting! Victoria Beckham will be joining Randy, Kara and Simon on the judging panel.
So join me here tonight live at 8 while I blog live during the show!
8:00 PM – Up first is Mark Labriola, a 28 year old computer analyst from Aurora, CO whose backstory includes being stolen from his dad by his mom and spending six years on the run. He was eventually reunited with his dad, and now has a kid of his own. Mark sang Squeeze’s “Tempted” and was the first through to Hollywood.
Next is Mario Galvan, whose nervous laugh is contagious and more than a little annoying, heh heh heh.

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And we’re back, with single mom Kimberly Kerbow, who Simon thinks might be trouble, in an amusing way after her comment about Rogaine. After she’s gone, he asks the girls if Kimberly was wearing a wig.
Danielle Hayes is another single mom who comes in crying, sharing with the judges that the process of moving from karaoke and cover bands to a music career has been hard work. After she belts out “I’m the Only One” Simon says she needs to be saved from corporate karaoke hell and she’s sent through with four enthusiastic yeses.
Up next is Casey James from Ft. Worth, TX, who sings wells but showed the personality of a rock. Simon says no, but Kara disagrees. V tells him to take his hair out of the ponytail, and tells Simon Casey has a good look. Then Kara has Casey take his shirt off, and well, it goes downhill from there. Simon says no, the others say yes. Who knows? A no from Simon can be the key to success on this show. I mean, rumor has it Casey makes it through to the Season 9 Top 24.

Tori Kelly, a 16 year old high school student from Canyon Lake, CA, brings her … sister? friend? … Hope in with her; Hope is about 7 years old and heads right for the judges table to give them pictures she’s made of them. Tori sings “Gravity” and Simon says of the two, he’d send Hope through. The other disagree; they love Tori’s look and voice, and she’s through to Hollywood.
Up after the break is Austin Paul, a singer/football player who shows his “tricks” with John Mayer’s “Bigger Than My Body”. The judges says he’s weird and annoying and arrogant, and Austin disagrees. Of course he would. What a jerk.
Arrogance is in full bloom, with 24 year old Kenny Everett, who claims his singing is a public service. Which is a stretch, unless it’s being used to alert people about incoming tornados or something. Kenny disagrees – surprise – and keeps singing. And singing. And singing. Kenny is indignant, even as Simon insists he leave. Now.
Here’s a string of really bad singers and one guy doing skat, prompting Simon so say he wished Paula was there.
Getting the award for contestant who traveled the farthest is Nicci Nix, who flew in from Florence, Italy. Nicci has a squeaky helium voice when she talks but her singing voice is lower, prompting Simon to call her a sneaky little thing. Everyone loved her look, her voice and her attitude. So Nicci is going to Hollywood. But here’s a little scoop on Nicci Nix: she’s no beginner. in fact, she’s a bit of a ringer. The girl has appeared on MTV’s “Making the Band”‘ “Next”, “Exposed”, “Date My Mom” and NBC’s “Fear Factor.” She and her father – whose influence she credits for her opportunities – formed Tapas records in 2007. Her debut album ” Little Miss Starshine” was due out in 2010; we’ll see how Idol affects that. You can see more on her MySpace page – but go there quick, before Fox shuts it down when Hollywood Week starts!
Sixteen year old Haeley Vaughn wants to be the first black country singer, and with her bubbly personality and infectious smile, she may pull it off. Simon does point out that she sings with a slight lisp – do they try and get rid of that? Or does that become her trademark? If you’re following the spoilers, Haeley makes it through to the Season 9 Top 24.
And the last contestant of the day: a guy in a bikini. That can’t be serious.
Tomorrow, I think we get the best of the rest of the auditions and then next Tuesday, it’s Hollywood Week!!
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