Mark Stuart is in Haiti with the Hands and Feet Project, the orphange founded by Stuart’s band Audio Adrenaline. He’s been giving updates via Facebook and email, and has been able to give video reports to major media via Skype.Stuart has been quoted in two CNN articles and is heard in this CNN reporting from Jacmel:I’m not positive but I’m 99% sure I also heard him in a video on the BBC News just a few minutes ago.On the orphange website, an update says Hands and Feet will be taking a few orphans from Jacmel. Media and relief efforts so far have been focused on Port-au-Prince; an update on the H&F blog reports that there hasn’t been any relief yet in Jacmel and the project was the first to reach out to Jacmel.I can’t even imagine the devastation the folks in Haiti are facing, but thank God, thank God, thank God that Hands and Feet didn’t sustain more damage and that they are able to reach out to Jacmel where no one else has yet been able.Please pray for the people of Hait; for Mark Stuart as he has the opportunity to talk to major media about Jacmel and the project; for the project, whose resources will be stretched; and for the children, who are likely very scared. And if you can, donate to a charity or organization you trust.For more about the Hands and Feet Project, visit their website.RELATED POST:Haiti’s earthquake hits Hands & Feet ProjectClick here to subscribe to Gospel Soundcheck by email and have the Gospel Soundcheck headlines delivered daily to your email inbox. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!

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