At the end of the year, I probably should be doing some sort of recap of 2009, but if the truth be told I’ve been burned out on Christian music, Christian pop culture, and pretty much everything web-related for some months now.
So while I sort through posts for some highlights of 2009 to see if there’s anything I really even want to remember, I defer to my friend (and he’s so nice for letting me call him that!) Matthew Paul Turner, host of the Jesus Needs New PR blog, for a witty list of the good, the bad and the crazy of 2009.

If I had the stomach for it, this is the kind of blog I’d love to write every day;
Then again, I’m getting a little tired of irate readers who get worked up because they don’t always … well, read … the entire posts and end up offended because of something they thought I said instead of what I actually said.
I mean, really. A girl can only take so much.
Besides, Turner does such a good job with Christian satire that Im better off spending my spare time writing about life from the point of view of my border collie, Bandit. Lately, I understand a dog a lot more than I understand Christian music fans. (
But I digress. For a great recap of 2009, visit Jesus Needs New PR. Have fun!
And for more satirical takes on the Christian culture, visit
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