Hey, all, I wonder if you’d mind helping me out with an article I’m doing for a major mainstream website? I just need to include a couple of viewer comments about the show and faith, and you all have so much insight about the show every week. You can leave your comments here. Just a note – I will need to use your name so if you’d rather email me your responses, you can do so at joanne AT joannebrokaw, w/o the spaces and w/the @ sign. 🙂 I need your responses by Sunday, May 10:

1) If you’re a Christian and voting for a contestant, or have been voting and your favorite has been eliminated, how much does/did your faith play into your decision about who to support or not support?
2) If you’re not a Christian, does the discussion about faith influence your voting at all?
3) If you’re not a Christian or have never listened to Christian music, has listening to the Christian contestants on this season’s show made you more or less likely to give Christian music a listen? Why or why not?
4) If you’re not a Christian or do not attend church, has the portrayal of the Christian contestants on Idol made you likely to attend church? Listen to a Christian who wants to talk about their faith? Turned you off even more to Christianity? If the Idol you support happens to be a Christian and went on to release a CD in the Christian market, would you buy it?
5) If you’re a Christian or church/ministry, have you used American Idol for outreach to your community? Have you held “Idol nights” where everyone gets together to watch? Talked about being a Christian in the mainstream or sharing your faith?
6) Anything else you want to share?
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