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Last night, the final four American Idol contestants performed rock songs, and it’s a toss up who was the best: Adam or Allison. Sure, Adam killed Led Zepplin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” but Allison proved on her duet with Adam of Foghat’s “Slow Ride” that she can match him note for note in this genre, even if the judges thought her individutal performance Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby” wasn’t the best song choice.
Kris and Danny were definitely at a disadvantage last night. The judges weren’t thrilled with Kris’ rendition of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” although I thought he did a great job. And Danny gave Aerosmith’s “Dream On” a good try, but he really wasn’t able to pull off the high note at the end. Kris and Danny had amazing harmonies on their rendition of Styx’s “Renegade,” but their individual vocals on the duet were lacking.
So who goes home tonight?

My gut tells me Danny might be in trouble; Simon pointed out that he’s the only one who hasn’t been in the bottom three. But we’ll find out tonight when we get the results live. Tonight, Chris Daughtry and No Doubt will be performing, and we’re supposed to see Paula Abdul perform her new single, “I’m Just Here For The Music;” will she actually perform or will we get video like last time?
See you here tonight for the results show!
8:55 PM – watching the end of America’s Next Top Model. I figured they’d send Celia home. They’ve been making such a big deal about her age – yeeesh, she’s only 25!
9:00 PM Here we go! Idol starts with a recap of last night’s performances and Slash’s comments. I forgot that Simon said watching Danny was like watching a horror movie, LOL. i also forgot how horrible Kara’s hair looked last night. Ick.
Can you believe that we’re down to the final 3 this season? The weeks have flown by! Ryan says that there were 65 million votes cast – or was it 67 million? Oh, Kara cut her bangs. At least it’s better than that horrid look from last night.
Looks like Paula is actually going to take the stage tonight. That should be interesting.
Watching the recaps and even the Ford video, I’m thinking Danny’s in trouble. We’ll see after the group performance, complete with Slash on lead guitar. I know I predicted Kris winning a couple of weeks ago, but man, Allison and Adam are looking like a hot final 2. But what do I know? All four of them are super talented, especially in their own genre of music.
After the break, Paula’s going to perform. Really? She’s going to perform live? We’re not going to see a video? I’ll believe it when I see it.
First we check in with the contestants. Danny says Wednesday nights are the most tiring. Kris says he never expected to make it this far and it’s surreal. Simon tells Kris they “don’t want humble any more.” Adam was thrilled with rock week and being the first to perform a Zepplin song, and he loved his outfit. Danny says that when they’re on stage the sound is drowned out, but when he listened to it later he laughed out loud all night, and that that final note was maybe his funniest moment on Idol. Allison says she’s not the kind of person who talks back, but she just had to speak up.
OMG, she’s actually going to perform live. She’s doing the Adam Lambert stair entrance. She looks great, but is she really singing? Doubtful. I can’t imagine she can sing and crawl around on the stage in that get up. At the end, when she says, “I’m just here for the music,” she’s clearly out of breath. It all begs the question: is this her last season and is she going out with a bang?
No Doubt is singing “Just A Girl.” Wait, isn’t this an old song? Wow Gwen Stefani is doing push ups on stage. Ryan says she was making him nervous because it’s been a high risk week. Ah, No Doubt is going on tour just so Gwen can get out of the house, even though the band doesn’t have a new album – yet. That explains the old song.
So the judges are back at their table – the weren’t there for No Doubt. Probably so Simon could have another cigarette? The four are waiting backstage while we’re reminded that the final three get to go home for a super hometown celebration. So who’s not going to have that experience? Ryan explains that the finalists are being announced in random order tonight, so we’ll only know got the least number of votes. He starts by recapping each contestant’s performance and the judges’ critiques. The first contestant safe tonight is Kris. I KNEW IT. He’s clearly shocked, but he deserves to be there.
After the break, Daughtry performs their new single and Adam, Danny and Allison can sweat out which one is going home – and not for a parade.
Daughtry’s debut was the fastest selling rock album in Soundscan history, and with good reason. It’s a great album, and I can’t wait to see what Daughtry’s got for us next. The song you’re hearing, “It’s No Surprise,” is off of the band’s upcoming but yet untitled album, scheduled for release in July. Getting voted of Idol was probably the best thing that could have happened to Chris Daughtry, and should be good comfort to whoever goes home tonight that tonight is just the beginning, not the end.
Chris tells Ryan that the night he was voted off is still vivid in his mind, and at the time, he thought the world was ending. “But I got over it about 30 seconds later,” he says. Kris brings out the plaque celebrating the sales of 5 million copies of Daughtry’s debut album. Amazing.
After the break? Someone’s heart will be broken.
Adam, Allison and Danny are on the stage, and Ryan sends Adam to sit with Kris, leaving Danny and Allison standing. He emphasizes that this is in random order. And the final person in the top 3? Danny. (So Allison IS leaving, Ben! Wow, how did you know that?) I was hoping she’d pull out a final three, even thought it would have meant Danny going home.
Watching her perform her “swan song” it’s clear that she’s just starting her career. She’s grown so much just in this competition; it’ll be great to see her soar.
And wow, did I predict the final three weeks ago? Sure, with rock week Adam totally dominated over Kris and Danny, but next week is another week, and it’ll be an exhausting one, sa the contestants go home for a parade and hometown celebration. And they each sing two songs next week, one a judges’ pick and one their own pick. (Question: which judge doesn’t get to pick, with only three contestants?)
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