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DannyGokeyJamarRogersAmericanIdol.jpgLast night the remaining Idols – Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert – sang their little hearts out, with both a personal song choice and a judge’s song choice. You can read my live blog during last night’s show as well as my predictions about who’s going home tonight on American Idol.
We’ll find out live tonight which two contestants will be vying for this season’s title of American Idol. We know who the judges want to win, since they told us who to vote for last night. But it all comes down to you, the viewers, so it’s likely there will be a few surprises.
See you here tonight for the results show, with performances from Katy Perry and Jordin Sparks!
8:53 pm – Watching the finale of America’s Next Top Model. I think Allison is going to win. Nope, I’m wrong. It’s Teyona. Doesn’t bode well for my Idol predictions, does it?
9:00 pm – The show opens with a skit about the Idol judges’ desk and the Smithsonian to promote the new Ben Stiller movie, Night at the Museum … Smithsonian something or other. Idol, it’s just one commercial after another.
Ryan says that in fact, the Idol judges’ desk really is going to be part of the Smithsonian collection. Huh. Who knew? And guess what? Last night, over 88 million votes came in, and there was only 1 million votes separating the top two contestants. That’s actually quite close.

But bere we do anything, the weekly Ford commerical/music video, to the really old and stupid song, “Break My Stride.” Yeesh, they’re pulling songs out of the attic on this show.
Alicia Keyes is here tonight to talk about Africa, as ambassador for Keep A Child Alive. They’re asking people to donate $5 to help childen with HIV by texting the word “Alive” to 90999. Now, we get to see Noah, a child singer from Rwanda. Huh, they teach African kids how to do the pelvic thrust dance? Ryan explains that you can download Noah’s song on iTunes and the money goes to Keep A Child Alive. I’m sorry, but that seemed like an exploitive attempt at charity on the part of Idol.
We’re back, and Ryan calls Danny out first. Clearly, Ryan’s not going to tell us now who’s staying. He’s going to show us the hometown videos and then we’ll have commercials, etc. Danny got to see Jamar when he went home to Milwaukee. Danny’s carrying a guitar when he gets off the plane. Why doesn’t he every play on the show? I wonder how many marriage proposals he got while he was home. Good grief, look at the people at his show! Incredible. He talks about how 10 months ago his wife had died, and how different his life is now. He cried, he’s touched … and Ryan is actually going to tell us something? He’s recapping Danny’s performances … see, I knew he wasn’t going to tell us anything yet! He sends Danny to sit down.
Ryan calls Kris Allen out. He says that in a town of 50,000 people it was crazy that 20,000 people came out to see him. look at all the kids out for Kris! I confess: I am a huge fan of Kris Allen – he’s sweet and humble and talented and just a joy to watch. Aww, when he sees his family, he hugs his dad and they cry. And wow, look at the college turn out. When it comes to the likeability factor, Kris Allen has it all over almost any Idol contestant I’ve seen. So touching. Ryan recaps Kris’ performances from last night and sends Kris to sit down with Danny.
I’m telling you folks, Kris is going to win this thing.
Before we see Adam, Jordin Sparks is back singing “Battlefield,” co-written with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, who’s on keyboards. She’s matured since Idol, hasn’t she? Not sure she sounds that great, though.
We’re back! Adam Lambert, in the star money spot as usual, and we get to see his video at home in San Diego. Danny had a girl in plaid pants, but Adam has a streaker rush him on stage.When he gets out of the van, the reporter jumps up and down. Hilarious. He visits the theater where he used to perform; the kids are so, so cute! Darling! One thing that’s impressed me about Adam is his sweet personality; I loved, LOVED, that last night he gave props to Danny and Adam while the judges where telling viewers to vote for him. Seriously, these are three nice guys in the finals. Ryan recaps Adam’s performances and sends him to sit with Kris and Danny.
But first, Katy Perry sings.
We’re back, and Danny says he’s had enough commericals and waiting and wants the results. Adam says he wants to see Katy Perry.
Well, I can see why. She has his name embroidered on her cape. Can I be honest? The girl really can’t carry a tune. It’s all flash and dazzle, and this song really isn’t in keeping with the family friendly image Idol has – or used to have. This season has had some guests that I doubt parents really want to watch with their kids, from Flo Rida to Lady Gaga to this half dressed performance by Katy Perry. Sigh. Give us Natalie Cole again, something with class. That Katy Perry bit was 5 minutes of my life I’m not going to get back.
Just give us the results!
OOO, the first one who’s safe is KRIS. Remember, you heard it here first! Who joins him? Adam. Did I call it or did I call it? Kara looks stunned. Here’s Danny’s journey on Idol. He says tha his wife encouraged him to try out; I didn’t realize that. I didn’t need to be reminded of him smearing cake all over Allison; that was a creepy moment, I have to confess. He goes out singing “You Are So Beautiful.” I think he sounds 100x better tonight, actually. Paula and Kara are tearing up.
Simon says that no one would have predicted this finale, which is weird because I called it, and I’m not the only one. Simon says next week could be a “big ding dong”, which he says is something good.
Listen, Danny fans. There are probably several record labels salivating right now over him, ready to bank on his talent. That he isn’t the Idol is a good thing; he can now go make whatever kind of album he wants and sell a bunch.
So there you have it: Kris and Adam in the finale. I’m sticking to my original prediction: Kris as this season’s winner.
What do you think? And who do you want to win?
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