I was checking out some of the Idol contestants today and came across Kristen McNamara’s MySpace and another site for an organization that she co-founded called L.A.U.G.H.: Love All Unconditionally Giving Hope.You’ll remember Kristen as part of the train wreck of emotions that included Nathaniel Marshall and Nancy Wilson during the group competition. While Nathaniel and Nancy both had meltdowns, Kristen did her best to remain calm. She was even willing to help out nightmare contestant Tatiana del Toro, who tried to switch groups and caused a bunch of turmoil. Butr when Simon called the group on their obvious dissention, she admitted, “I’m tired of the drama.” The L.A.U.G.H MySpace says about the organization:

Kristen grew up going to church every Sunday, learning God’s love. Kristen has spent endless time with veterans, children, homeless, and many others in need of something simple, happiness. Kristen has been a counselor teaching children about Jesus Christ since she was 13 years of age. Learning and understanding religion can scare people at times, so she wanted take her faith in God and love all people through him. In hopes that her love, music, and mission to spread happiness would help people find hope. Most of her concerts over the last 10 years have been benefits for Boy & Girls Clubs, Children’s Hospitals, High Schools, Salvation Army, Toys For Tots, and more….Eager to do more, she and some others put their heads together. They didn’t have much to give for donations. Kristen came up with the idea to create an organization that spreads awareness of people in need. Giving back by playing music and spending time with them. “Fund raising is always a blessing, but go out and give them love in person, give them a beautiful memory, make them smile, make them laugh….” -Kristen McNamara

I hope that we get to see more of Kristen during the rest of Hollywood week.Do you know a Christian artist competing on this season of American Idol? Let me know, so we can follow their progress!UPDATE 2/12/09: I got an email this morning from some of the people with L.A.U.G.H. informing me that I’d made “multiple errors that need to be corrected” on my post about Kristen & LAUGH. I fixed the ones I saw – I changed it to read that Kristen co-founded the organization, and changed the word “ministry” to “organization” in the two places where that word appeared – but in case there are more errors in there that I missed, here’s the correct information:

L.A.U.G.H. was not solely founded by Kristen McNamara. It was co-founded by [names withheld]. Each of us have put in countless time and effort into keeping L.A.U.G.H. functioning. We strive together to promote L.A.U.G.H. to better the communities in which we live.

[W]e would like to clarify that although L.A.U.G.H. has been founded with Christian principles in mind, it is in no way a ministry. Our non-profit organization keeps in mind the ideals, but is all inclusive and welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We do not preach or counsel, we merely provide resources for those wanting to give back to their communities.

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