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BrianBates.jpgBrian Bates, who kindly shared some thoughts with us recently about how Christians should respond to Ray Boltz and gays, is offering fans a download of his new song, “Under.”
You can listen to the song on his website, and if you like it, Brian asks that you send the link to three friends and also sign up for his mailing list. You can get the download without doing that, but he’s hoping that if you like the song, you’ll take a minute to tell other people about it.
Bates grew up in a Christian home, accepted Jesus as his Saviour, and then in college, walked away from God to lead a partying, gay lifestyle. Thanks to a Christian friend who loved him like Jesus, he eventually returned to the faith of his youth. You can read more about his thoughts on the how Christians should respond to the gay issue in this post.
For more about Brian Bates, visit his website.
Christian artist Brian Bates shares his thoughts on how to respond to Ray Boltz, Clay Aiken coming out of the closet

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