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RayBoltz.jpgI’m reading a lot lately about Ray Boltz’s new song, “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” and it’s gay agenda. Because I like to check things out for myself, I went to Ray’s blog to read what he had to say about the song, and to listen to it myself.
OK, so the song is about gay marriage, LOL. Ray explains that the inspiration for the song was taken from the story of Mildred Jeter (a woman of color) and Richard Loving (a white male) who met during the fifties, fell in love and were married in Washington DC. When they returned to Virginia they were arrested and faced spending a year in prison, because interracial marriage was illegal in that state. In the end, though, he draws a lightly veiled comparision to gay marriage:

Maybe you’re in love today and you’ve been making wedding plans
But there is someone in your way shouting things cause they don’t understand
The judge says that’s not legal, the preacher calls it a sin
Oh you just remember they were wrong before and they’re wrong again

I know that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding gay marriage, and while I’m sure this post will open a whole new can of worms, my big question after listening to the song is this:
When did Ray Boltz start writing dance club music?
This new single has a definite pop dance beat, which I guess I don’t remember from songs like “Pledge Allegience To The Lamb.”
It’s actually a nifty, catchy dance song. Millions of kids every day fill their iPods with dance music fraught with lyrics about heterosexual sex, and while Christian parents are cautious about what they let their kids listen to, few are out there on message boards blasting the artists. But I’ll go out on a limb and predict that they’re going to get themselves all heated up over this song. Not because there was a time in this country when a black woman married to a white man was a crime, but because gay marriage is the Christian cause du jour.
If you want to listen to Ray Boltz’s “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love,” just click the link on the song title.
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