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RevTimothyandBettyWright.jpgI got an update on Rev. Timothy Wright from family friend and spokesperson Laurie Schneider, who says that Rev Wright may be heading home for the holidays. That’s great news!
She told me by email, “He has sensitivity in both arms and hands. He is moving his neck and shoulders on a regular basis. He is in therapy [three] hours a day.” reports that in mid-October Rev. Wright made a public appearance at the Circle of Sisters Expo, sponsored by WLIB, his hometown New York radio station. He was able to speak, and to share his testimony and express his gratitude for the love and support he’s received since the July 4th accident that took the lives of his wife and grandson and left him with a C4 spinal injury.
Rev. Wright has been at the Kessler Institute since August, where he has been receiving intensive therapy and care. Since his insurance benefits were limited to VA coverage, the family has been paying out of pocket for treatment at the Kessler Institute, but felt that the facilities offered Rev. Wright the best opportunities for the most complete recovery possible. Looks like that great care, coupled with the countless prayers of friends, family, churches and gospel music fans, have been working.
Because I don’t live in NYC, I don’t have the ability to attend events where Rev. Wright appears. If you do, please give us an update!
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