MTV is set to air a behind-the-scenes documentary on pop star and tabloid sensation, Britney Spears on November 30, just days before release of her new album, Circus, on her 27th birthday.The 90-minute documentary, titled ‘For The Record,” gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the last few years of the pop princess’ bizarre and heartbreaking, and clearly unstable, behavior that has graced the supermarket tabloids. Does anyone besides me just want to take the poor girl home, make her rest, and hide her away from the insane nuttiness that is her life?In one of the preview clips for the film, the inerviewer asks Britney if she knows her life is weird. Her response, “It’s all I’ve ever known.”You’re not kidding. Britney’s mother Lynne Spears recently released her “memoir” with Christian publisher Thomas Nelson and in it confirms what everyone already knows: that Britney Spears was abandoned emotionally by everyone in her life – despite any religious injection or “Gee, I didn’t know any better” rationalizations her mother offers up.But honestly, the book is such a mess it deserves it’s own post, so stay tuned for that.You can catch the MTV documentary on MTV on November 30.RELATED POSTSWas Britney Spears A Christian Singer?Visit the Gospel Soundcheck blog daily for the latest on your favorite Christian music artists as well as mainstream artists with ties to Christian music.

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