JimmyNeedham.JPGSince we didn’t do a Pick of the Week last week, I have two picks this week. To be honest, I would have had to pick two anyway, because two great albums release today and I couldn’t choose between the two!
The first Pick of the Week is Jimmy Needham’s Not Without Love.

Whether he’s singing about the futility of zeal without love (“Come Around”) , crooning a love song to his wife (“Unfailing Love “), or rejoicing in the glory of God (“The Author”) any fan of Christian (or mainstream) music could give the album a spin and find something to … well, love! … in this collection of bluesy piano ballads and rocking guitar tunes.
I love that he’s able to sing completely transparent, spiritual lyrics but make them sound completely brand new. It’s an age old message but refreshingly different from the typical Christian fare.
Needham explains that the album was inspired by the realization that he “had shared the gospel with so many people in the flesh but all they knew was the Bible beater … There is something so appealing when we love like Jesus did. I missed out on that for so long. No more.”
Needman is currently on tour in promotion of the album. To learn more, visit his website www.jimmyneedham.com.
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