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What’s cuter than toddlers or baby goats?  A toddler hugging baby goats!          

Get ready to rock with the “Hovercat.”  This supercute viral video (500,000 views in 2 days!) will have you dancing along in no time! Make sure to turn your volume down a bit if you’re at work  🙂    

This canine mother seems very happy raising her adopted children: Siberian tiger cubs! They make for a cute team and a heart-warming story about nurturing instincts.       

So, you’ve always wondered what Hanukkah is all about? Well, during a time of terrible conflict in Israel, there wasn’t enough oil to keep the lights on in Jerusalem’s Temple. But by God’s miracle, darkness did not prevail. So, to remember what happened, …Read More

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel admits he did not expect what happened when he challenged parents across America to tell their kids that Mom and Dad had eaten all their Halloween candy — and that none was left. The result …Read More

You’ve heard about it — the Jeopardy contestant who made history a few days ago, wracking up $36,000 in a matter of seconds — taking advantage of back-to-back Daily Doubles. Now, ask yourself: do you have any idea what language …Read More

So, what if you were meeting the Son of the Almighty Creator of the Universe for a mocha latte? What would you say to Him? In this satirical video, a “pilgrim” plunks an Indian headdress on the Messiah’s head and …Read More

Here is the ultimate Halloween costume for anyone who ever loved playing with a Slinky, that great kids’ toy spring from the same innocent era that brought us the Hula Hoop, Silly Putty and the Frisbee. Now you can become a …Read More

A desert sandstorm crashed Gus and Jennifer Luna’s storybook garden wedding, forcing the officiating judge to cut short the vows, pronounce them man and wife and send everybody indoors to the reception. The wedding party had gathered under a decorative arch …Read More