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May 2012 Archives

Dylan’s Cystic Fibrosis treatments consist of long periods of time in a breathing apparatus.  Watch his mom’s creative solution for how to keep him entertained–and athletic!

As soon as they walk in the door, the students make a beeline for their knitting projects.  Once they start knitting a pleasant calm falls over the room as the students settle into their work. These results would speak for […]

  If you had to work 5-10 times harder than your competitors to accomplish a task, how would you fare? Richelle Zampella must face that exact question everyday as she prepares to compete in the National Spelling Bee. The 11-year-old […]

Watch this Furry Friend pedal his way across the Parking Lot.  With his sky-blue custom bike, he’s got the style of Evil Knieval–and a wagging tail!                  

Cornel Munn, a student at Oxford and a devout Christian, is a talented drummer who lacks nothing as a musician… except arms.  The disabled 20 year-old is a now a viral sensation after showing the world what he is capable […]


Used to jumping over hurdles at high speed on her horse, Claire Lomas has recently had to overcome new obstacles.  The 32 year-old former Equestrian broke her back in a horse-riding accident five years ago, resulting in paralysis from her […]

  Jeremy Cooney, a US Marine Sergeant, returned home to find that his son with Cerebral Palsy could walk for the first time.  His wife had kept the good news secret throughout the length of his deployment, leading to a […]

Born with only one arm, Coleman Shannon refuses to wear a prosthetic, yet still manages to  hunt, play guitar, and throw the occasional no-hitter.  When he was a toddler, he mother would try to put a prosthetic arm on him, […]