Good News

They’re just a bunch of very talented college kids who had a bright idea.

Just a bunch of talented kids having fun

They were inspired by the 650 singers who showed up at a Philadelphia Macy’s department store and spontaneously began singing Handel’s classic Hallelujah Chorus. However, they live in a small town in Ontario on the other side of the U.S.-Canadian border from Detroit.

They took their version of Handel’s masterpiece to the food mall of a nearby shopping mall.

And, once again, the response of the public is every bit as good as the music. Just watch the shoppers, the stunned kids, the impressed pre-schoolers.

And notice how the young singers had just a bit of fun with the staging — the opening soloist who never stops “talking” on her cell phone, for example. Or the “janitor” in overalls, carrying a “CAUTION: Wet Floor” pop-up sign.

You’ll understand why on YouTube an astonishing 35 million people have been inspired by this bunch of talented kids.