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December 2011 Archives

Ben Breedlove was not your ordinary 17-year-old. He had a terminal heart condition that kept him from being like other kids. Ben Breedlove When he passed away Christmas Day, he left behind a touching video that described a near-death experience […]

He’s a tiny little thing — barely has his eyes open — Siku the Polar Bear, but he already has millions of fans worldwide who have watched him roll over, have his back rubbed and just be adorable on ABC […]

So, you’ve always wondered what Hanukkah is all about? Well, during a time of terrible conflict in Israel, there wasn’t enough oil to keep the lights on in Jerusalem’s Temple. But by God’s miracle, darkness did not prevail. So, to remember what happened, […]

OK, it’s one thing to stage a public dance recital. It’s a Christmas tradition, after all to take your kids to see the Rockettes at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. These performers aren’t in the famed music hall. […]

There’s something eternal, yes, and thrilling about this video — at last count viewed by more than 7 million. Some time ago, the Opera Company of Philadelphia brought together over 650 singers from community chorales, school choirs, local opera clubs […]

OK, what if your favorite pet could sing Christmas carols? The result just might be hilarious. In the spirit of the season, we share these classics with you — hilarious pets singing … hey, you have to see it to believe […]

“Sometimes God’s just not ready to take something away,” marvels Reta McKinlay, affectionately petting her family’s mixed-breed puppy, Scamp. A few days ago, the eight-month-old half-Yorkshire terrier, half-Shihtzu was hit by a car. He was obviously a goner — not moving, […]

The assignment: give your child a truly stupid early Christmas present. Videotape their reaction. Send it into late-night TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. CLICK HERE to see hilarious video  

What a fun video! Here is a Christmas greetings unlike any you’ve ever seen — the Hallelujah Chorus brought to you by the 5th graders of Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat Elementary School in Quinhagak, Alaska. As you can see, they’ve had a […]

They’re just a bunch of very talented college kids who had a bright idea. They were inspired by the 650 singers who showed up at a Philadelphia Macy’s department store and spontaneously began singing Handel’s classic Hallelujah Chorus. However, they […]